Oxbridge Entry Programme Webinar

Every year, the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge attract the best applicants from the UK and all over the world. The admissions at these universities are famously competitive with top entry requirements, challenging admissions tests and interview questions that go beyond A-level studies.

The Ashbourne Oxbridge Entry Programme (AOP) is designed to give our students the best possible preparation to secure a place at Oxford or Cambridge University. The year-long Programme is run by Will Stockland, our Head of Faculty for Culture and Society, and Chris Masters, our Admissions Advisor.

Ashbourne Oxbridge Entry Programme Webinar
In our Oxbridge Programme webinar on Tuesday 16th June, Will Stockland will be taking you through all of the different elements of an application to the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford. He will also detail the extensive support that Ashbourne offers throughout the preparation of your application, from selecting the right degree and college to engaging with super-curricular activities that showcase your intellectual abilities. ⠀

The webinar is a perfect opportunity for aspirational and dedicated students to have their questions answered and get ahead with their applications to the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford.⠀
Webinar details:

Date and time: Tuesday 16th June 2020, 12:00 - 1:00 PM
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