Romeo and Juliet at the Royal Opera House

We recently took our students to see Romeo and Juliet the ballet at the Royal Opera House in London. The students were accompanied by a selection of staff from across the faculties and it really felt like a momentous occasion. Our principal Mike Kirby accompanied our students to watch this wonderful piece of living art.

Ashbourne College trip to the Royal Opera House

Royal Opera House

The dancers were flawless, such amazing technique and poise simply mesmerised the audience. The orchestra was beyond brilliant, as a ballet has no dialogue the music more than made up for it. The ballet lasted three hours and there were two intervals, giving our students (and our staff) to grab some ice cream and refreshments.
Although there was no talking during the performance, the students bonded over watching a display of such beauty. Staff and students were enthralled and after the bitter ending of the final act, we were all left with a sense of wonder.
All in all, a magical experience.