Could Your Sense Of Smell Help You To Revise?

When it comes to revision, everyone has their own technique to help them get the results they need....
Studies have shown that scents can help to trigger memories. As well as ‘scent marking’ – picking a different fragrance for each module – the following list from Glide has all kinds of weird and wonderful tips for revision. But be aware, results are NOT guaranteed!
1. Take it on the road
Get out of the house. Board a train/bus/coach and take your books on tour. There’s nothing like a strange fellow passenger eating cheese and onion crisps to make you keep your head in the books.
2. Reward yourself with calorific snacks
It works for monkeys and sea lions learning new tricks, so stock up on Mars bars and Krispey Kremes and wolf one down every time you successfully learn something. It’s time to gain knowledge and pounds!
3. Scent mark
Apparently our sense of smell can trigger memories so pick a different fragrance for each of your modules and wear it while you revise and when you sit the exam. Consider your fellow students, eau de toilette is preferable to eau de fry up.
4. Become a pescetarian
Fish oil is supposed to be good for your brain so make like a pescetarian and indulge in a seafood diet until the exams are over, when you can revert to the usual pizza, burger, kebab rota. Or you could just hit the Omega-3 capsules.
5. Take a nap
Forget the Red Bull and ProPlus, a good nap will help you get your study on with renewed vigour. Plump up those pillows and have 40 winks guilt free.