Introducing Ashbourne Student Council 2020

We are excited to announce the members of Ashbourne College's Student Council for the academic year 2020/21. Please send them our warmest welcome!

Ashbourne College Student Council 2020
President: Katherine Fahy
Council Members:

Inigo Mace
Angela Jiang
Katherine Fahy
Zariel Konadu
Antonio Mantegazza
Sheyda Gurbanmyradova
Isabela Rossi
Masoumeh Falaki
Omar Al-Zadjali
Jiawei Sun
Saskia Leigh Martić
Hafsa Khan
Joshua Furtado-Mendes
Namgyal Samuels
Leila Pacey
Chloe Johnson
Ba Gia Khanh Trinh
Annie Napier
Elizabeth Rix

The Student Council has been an integral part of Ashbourne. Not only representing the voices of our diverse student community, but the Student Council has also contributed many fantastic initiatives to the college's activities over the years, such as the Monthly Asher newsletter and Charity Bake Sale.
This academic year, with an emphasis on students' wellbeing, personal development and creativity, the Student Council will certainly come up with many more original ideas and exciting projects.
Watch this space!
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