The value of Easter Revision for AS students

Lower Sixth Form students and predicted grades

A good idea to bear in mind for lower sixth students: soon you will be making your application to university, which has two important elements: your personal statement and a reference from a teacher. The more you know about your subjects the easier it will be to write fluently about your chosen course at university.

 The teacher who writes your reference may reasonably will certainly want to be both ambitious and realistic with their predicted grades. There is a problem if they have to stretch to predict more than one grade higher than your AS results. The referee must protect the good standing of the school as a reliable guide for the universities and so is honour bound to make credible predictions. Recently many of the top universities are now asking A levels students to detail their AS modular scores exactly; eg rather than simply quoting A,B etc. they require UMS marks such as 82/100, 76/100 etc. A student must make their mark in the lower sixth.

In general of course, a sound foundation at AS can't hurt your results at A2. Indeed if they are otherwise many schools will not permit a student to continue to the upper sixth. Furthermore, for A2 students, schools do not offer specific resit classes for AS modules so it is best to get them right the first time around.
Easter Revision courses provide a stress-free way to revise because they ensure at least 3 hours per day of structured, thoughtful study. Worth considering. 
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