Another amazing trip to the Go Karting track for Ashbourne College London!

Zoooooooom! The Go Karting was off to a start. 23 students and four tutors raced down to Go Karting in North Greenwich for a night of fun and competitive spirit!
Spirits were high as we raced round the track and everyone got used to their karts. The group was split into two for the qualifiers, then the score times were tallied and we had two separate finals. It gave students an opportunity to have two goes around the track and have their chance to shine.
Lucas Frayssinet took first place in the fast race, (not that we hold his past of motorcross racing against him!), with Callum Kellie-Smith coming a close second our very own Maths tutor Sean Pillai coming a close third.
In between races the students were filled with pizza and soft drinks to keep them going whilst watching their peers zoom off down the track. The slow race winner was Zubair with Avni a close second winning it for the girls. The Director of Studies, Lee led the trip and encouraged the students to do their best as he raced round the track with them. Ashbourne College determination and drive was seen throughout, and this trip was an excellent opportunity for our students to blow off steam whilst making ‘fast’ friends. The tutors are looking forward to our rematch in February, let’s just say..…the students are going down!