What you missed at Staff vs. Student Bowling last month!

The first trip of the term went off with a SMASH at the Staff vs. Student bowling. It was a great chance for the teachers both to catch up with OLD students and meet their new ones. The teams were a mix of teachers and students, which is a different take on previous years but helped build rapport between the students.
Staff vs student bowling at Ashbourne College London
The director of studies also made an appearance and blew the students away with his superb bowling technique. Anh from the admissions team even brought her own bowling shoes (someone was keen).
Students were stuffed with pizza and chips in between their two games of the night and it was brilliant to see the students giving each other advice on their bowling technique and acting as a team - such Asher spirit!
The students’ competitive side came out in the second round, most of them using the first game only to warm up.
It would appear Ashbourne has some pretty amazing bowlers and even though the teachers claimed victory in the end, it probably has to do with their collective age of experience!
A rematch will be on the cards soon, and we are sure the students will be back with a vengeance and claim their victory!