Stop chasing a high salary when choosing your university degree!

July 1, 2015

It’s completely natural for A level college students to think about their future earning potential, but basing a degree choice on a future pay cheque may not be the best way to go. What if you choose a course that could lead to great money, but you hate studying it? Research has shown that those who enjoy their course achieve better grades, which is why choosing a subject you are not going to enjoy for the sake of a high salary could backfire. The article linked below explores why university admissions tutors give preference to those who can show real Continue Reading →

Ashbourne College UCAS Day – June 2015

June 24, 2015

The annual Ashbourne UCAS Day took place earlier this momth, and was a great success! The UCAS day, with Push Talks, is arranged once a year to provide AS students with extra information to prepare them for the university applications process. During the day, Push gave talks on how to apply for university, the best way for students to pick a university that is right for them, and how to write a personal statement. After the talks, Assistant Director of Studies Rob Kocho, conducted a personal statement workshop and advised all students to begin thinking about their personal statements over Continue Reading →