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Russell Group University Admissions 2017

Birmingham University 2017 English 2017 Biological Sciences Bristol University 2017 Anthropology 2017 Biology 2017 Music 2017 Education Studies Cambridge University 2017 Mathematics 2017 Mathematics 2017 Law 2017 Engineering Durham University 2017 Psychology (Applied) Edinburg University 2017 English and Scottish Literature University of Glasgow 2017 English Literature Imperial College London 2017 Electrical and Electronic Engineering King’s College London 2017 Electronic and Information Engineering 2017 Dentistry 2017 English and Film Studies 2017 Film Studies 2017 Mathematics with Management and Finance 2017 Biomedical Science 2017 Film Studies 2017 Global Health and Social Medicine 2017 Economics 2017 Economics and Management 2017 Film Studies Leeds Continue Reading →

Ashbourne Music Students

Ashbourne’s A level Music students share their experiences of studying at the college.   Verena Koay “Honestly, I had the best two years of my life as an A level student at Ashbourne. While attending music classes at Royal College of Music Junior Department on Saturdays, the flexibility of the time-table each of us gets from Ashbourne gave me plenty of time to practise on violin/harp. Not only did Ashbourne prepare me extremely well for the A level exams, the music opportunities I was exposed to during my time here really helped to develop myself into a better musician. We Continue Reading →

Ashbourne Summer Art Workshop in Hanoi

Summer Art Workshop, 4–8 July 2018 This summer Ashbourne is travelling to Hanoi, Vietnam, to host an exciting a five-day Art Workshop for students between 14 and 19 years old with a love of art. The workshop is part of the college’s outreach programme to find and support gifted students. The course is free but places are limited. Therefore, in order to ensure applicants are committed to attending the workshop we request a deposit of 1,000,000 VD to secure a place. This should be made in advance to our Admissions representative in Vietnam, Anh Nguyen. Ashbourne’s Head of Art, and successful Continue Reading →

Ashbourne Medicine & Engineering Event

Ashbourne runs events to introduce students to our Medicine School and Engineering programmes. If you would like to come along to one then please contact Admissions on 020 7937 3858 or email Ashbourne’s Medical School and Engineering Programmes guide and support students in their university applications. The programmes are designed to tackle specific areas of the application process and to prepare prospective Medical School and Engineering students for life as an undergraduate. What should I expect on the day? Our Programme leaders, Amy Youngman and Sean Pillai, will be delivering presentations outlining the specific requirements and procedures when applying for both Continue Reading →

AS Philosophy scheme of work

Scheme of work, 2017–18 Philosophy linear A level first year, AQA (7171)   Section Topic Essay Syllabus 1 Introduction What is philosophy? – 2 Descartes What is Descartes’ aim in the Meditations? 3 The tripartite view of knowledge Can there be knowledge that is not a belief? The distinction between acquaintance knowledge, ability knowledge and propositional knowledge. The nature of definition (including Linda Zagzebski) and how propositional knowledge may be analysed/defined. The tripartite view 4 Issues in the definition of knowledge Evaluate reliabilism. Issues with the tripartite view including: the conditions are not individually necessary the conditions are not sufficient Continue Reading →

A level Philosophy scheme of work

Scheme of work, 2017–18 Philosophy A2 modular, AQA (2175) Section Topic Essay Syllabus 1 Mind and body Describe dualism. The mind–body problem: What is the relationship between the mental and the physical?  2 Substance dualism Assess the indivisibility argument. Dualism: the mind is distinct from the physical  3 Eliminative materialism Do mental states exist? Eliminative materialism: some or all mental states do not exist (folk-psychology is false or at least radically misleading).  4 Identity theory Can brain states have the same properties as thoughts? Mind–brain type identity theory: all mental states are identical to brain states (‘ontological’ reduction) although ‘mental Continue Reading →

Preparing to study Engineering at University

Ashbourne Engineering Programme  Hear what Ashbourne students have to say about the programme The Ashbourne Engineering Programme (AEP) is a highly successful specialist course for students wishing to study engineering at university. The programme builds on many years of impressive results and focuses on enabling students to make the best possible applications to University Engineering departments. Through group project work and a series of seminars, the programme gives A level students a range of valuable and relevant experiences, as well as providing them with the most up-to-date information about their chosen course and profession. In the process students gain Continue Reading →