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GCSE Arabic

Examination Only Please note that Ashbourne only offers the examination for Arabic GCSE. Tuition is not offered for this subject. Students interested in taking Arabic GCSE, should make the admissions department aware, in order to make the necessary preparations. As Ashbourne only offers this as an examination, we would recommend that only native speakers take Arabic GCSE.

GCSE Graphic Design

Ashbourne has a very strong Graphics Department where students explore all forms of Graphic Design. They produce traditional hand drawn work but the department also makes sure that it keeps up to date with what is happening in the commercial world. Students are introduced to the most cutting edge technology and advanced media and have produced some sophisticated and innovative work. Tutors from across the Art department work together to encourage their students to mix media, explore ideas and push boundaries. The Art Faculty at Ashbourne sees Art and Design as being absolutely central to society. Art is everywhere, in Continue Reading →

GCSE History

Introduction We live in a diverse, complicated world, marred by problems and misunderstandings. We cannot ignore these issues in the way that we might have been able to fifty years ago. The modern media will not allow us to. We may ask ‘why are some parts of the world so much poorer than others?’ or ‘why is there so much conflict in certain parts of the world’? Studying History helps us make some sense of the present and find explanations for the way things are. We start to understand how and why different groups have interpreted the same events in Continue Reading →

GCSE Italian

Introduction The Italian GCSE course at Ashbourne College is is an exciting opportunity to study a beautiful language and gain an insight into Italy and its culture. The main focus of the course is on the acquisition of language required in everyday social interaction and great emphasis will be placed on communication. No previous formal experience of learning Italian is required. Why study Italian at GCSE? Italy is a vibrant and intriguing country with a great historical heritage. Italian is a popular choice for language students. It is the language of food, fashion, art and business. The study of languages Continue Reading →

GCSE Mathematics

The programme consists of an examination of the relevant areas of the specification, a summary of the key facts and principles relevant to the area under study, past paper questions and reference, where instructive, to the Chief Examiner’s Reports. Students will receive tuition in all types of examination question, whether short answer questions, source based stimulus response questions or essays and techniques in preparing for and answering compulsory questions. Students can expect each week a minimum of 6 hours of classroom tuition plus one or two substantial pieces of homework based on previous past papers. Which syllabus do we follow? Continue Reading →

GCSE Photography

Introduction The Photography department at Ashbourne offers GCSE students a range of disciplines and working approaches to lens based media and image making. The course gives students the opportunity to explore darkroom techniques, build camera skills, digital manipulation and filmmaking in all forms. The building of practical and technical skills is encouraged as well as the integration and contextualization of photography in all forms, combining the complementary balance of research and practice. Students get the opportunity to visit leading London art galleries and museums, including the Photographers’ Gallery, Southbank Centre and Somerset House, in order to develop students’ critical thinking Continue Reading →

GCSE Science

Why study Science at Ashbourne? Science is an interesting and exciting subject. When pupils enter Ashbourne College we are most concerned with capturing their interest and responding to their natural curiosity. Once pupils have become engaged with the subject, knowledge and understanding follow. We aim to present the subject in a stimulating way without losing any of the academic rigour needed to ensure that all pupils achieve their potential. The programme consists of an examination of the relevant areas of the specification for each of the three sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), a summary of the key facts and principles relevant Continue Reading →

GCSE Spanish

Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world as well as a vital tool for business and commerce. The GCSE Spanish course aims to promote the acquisition of the following receptive skills: the ability to read and understand the written language, the ability to write the language with accuracy and fluency, and the ability to speak the language with accuracy and fluency. The course lays a firm foundation for anyone wishing to take Spanish, Languages or European Studies at A Level. Why study Spanish at GCSE? An equal amount of time is devoted to working on oral Continue Reading →