A level Drama scholarships

A level Drama scholarshipsDrama scholarship auditions

As one of the UK’s leading sixth form colleges, Ashbourne has a substantial scholarship fund for A level Drama & Theatre Studies and welcomes applications from students with both the academic qualifications and personal qualities to make a meaningful contribution to college life.


Scholarships are awarded principally for academic or dramatic achievement, and all candidates should expect to sit a written test or participate in an audition. A history of participation in activities inside and outside of school is also expected.

Drama at Ashbourne

Drama has grown into one of Ashbourne College’s most successful and vibrant departments.

Over the past three years, 53% of our results in English Literature and Drama have been at A*/A and 84% at A*/A/B.

Ashbourne offers the AQA A Level, which covers both theoretical and practical aspects of Drama, and provides a good balance between performance and academic work.

We have a thriving Drama Club and every year students across the college are given the chance to showcase their talents in Drama, Dance, Music, Art and Fashion in the annual Revue.

Academic Requirements

Applicants for a Drama & Theatre Studies A level scholarship at Ashbourne must have:

  • Strong academic potential;
  • Strong oral and written English;
  • Excellent audition.

Personal Qualities

Applicants should also demonstrate:

  • An independent and pro-active approach to their career and education;
  • The ability to think critically;
  • A history of participation in school activities;
  • Previously holding a position of responsibility at their former school or college;
  • A range of hobbies, interests and achievements outside of school;
  • Ambition in their education and personal life.

Ready to take the Next Step?

To apply or find out more information please get in touch.

Over recent years Ashbourne has developed a very strong programme in Drama & Theatre Studies to A Level. Our Drama students have a wide range of backgrounds and experiences ranging from leading London theatre schools to impressive amateurs with no formal experience.

Ashbourne takes Drama & Theatre Studies very seriously and so holds auditions for places. The purpose of the audition is two-fold:

  1. To ensure the quality of the students on the programme
  2. To offer scholarships to candidates with exceptional academic ability and acting talent.

Last year for instance we offered three 100% scholarships and other partial scholarships.

The audition takes the form of a 3-minute monologue selected and performed by the applicant, a brief interview to discuss the piece and some improvisation work conducted under the supervision of our acting teacher.