A levels at Ashbourne

Ashbourne is one of the best private A level colleges in London. We offer a broad range of A level subjects and outstanding individual attention to ensure that each student reaches their academic potential.

Individual attention

Individual attention begins in the classroom where you will rarely find more than 10 students. This improves engagement, communication and understanding in a natural way. Nonetheless the simple benefit of this arrangement is that any teacher may set at least twice as much homework as they would with a class size found almost everywhere else. In this sense good education is not rocket science: any student who wishes to do their best must learn to work independently and will excel because of the encouragement provided by regular homework.

Teaching time

The teaching time for each subject significantly exceeds the national average. Students are rarely under pressure to complete the syllabus and consequently almost always have plenty of time for revision at the end of the course.


An important benefit of more time in the classroom is the opportunity to assign and supervise work. Ashbourne is very exam orientated and has the time to formally test its students in class each half term (six weeks). Such tests offer valuable practice for the final exam and the grades achieved on these tests provide important information to students, parents, teachers and administrators.

Academic results

Ashbourne is among the top performing private A level colleges in London for A level grades. This reflects the quality of our students, the quality of our teaching staff and the quality of our administration. Students must compete for places for their second year and benefit because of the positive reinforcement from students with similar ambition and ability.


Ashbourne is fortunate to have one of the most beautiful settings of all of the A level colleges in London. Kensington Palace is close by and students may explore the beautiful Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park. Nearby are such cultural icons as the Royal Albert Hall, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Science and Natural History museums. Major libraries, art galleries and theatres are within easy reach of the college.

Personal tutors

To deal with university applications, academic and social issues each student has a Personal Tutor with whom they meet once per week, often more in the final year. For parents the Personal Tutor is the go-to person should they have any concerns or urgent matters to discuss.

Reporting and parents’ evenings

Our tutors write a report for each student they teach once every half term (six weeks). The reports give an overall assessment as well as detailed consideration of homework quality and quantity, mock exam grades, attendance and effort. The college has an advanced IT system so parents may access many of these details on a daily basis. In each academic year there are two parents’ evenings.

Ethos and atmosphere

Ashbourne is primarily an A level college and the majority of its students are between the ages of 16 and 19. We encourage our students to be independent and self-reliant both academically and personally. At the same time Ashbourne is very hands-on and complements the excellent relations between staff and students with the insistence on high academic standards.


Fifty percent of Ashbourne’s students come from other countries, representing up to 40 different nationalities. Our A level college in London attracts international students because of the wide choice of A level subjects we offer, the opportunity to focus on three or four of the most interesting and the overall quality of education.

As a result of the extensive range of subjects on offer you will also find diversity in the different personalities, ambitions and interests of the students. Ashbourne is an exciting place to study.


The majority of students are at the college for only two years but in that short time develop a deep affection for Ashbourne. For many it is a life-changing experience if only for the friendships formed. Happiness is perhaps our most important product.

Why Choose Ashbourne College?
My time at Ashbourne was everything I hoped it would be and more. In the space of just two years my technical understanding and appreciation of music have rocketed higher than I ever thought possible. Thanks to Piers’ outstanding and engaging teaching, I’ve fallen in love with opera and have now, since leaving Ashbourne, written my own, incorporating all the musical devices and tricks we learned about in lesson. So thanks to Ashbourne, I now have the confidence and knowledge to not only apply to my own shows but to the musical developing company called ‘Wishful Thinking’ I now work with as a creative development assistant. I cannot recommend Ashbourne enough for anyone with a drive and a passion to succeed. You will thrive.
CharlotteWishful Thinking Company, Creative Development Assistant
Gained responsibility and independence and has a mature approach to their studies
Your experience at Ashbourne will most certainly be informative, but its zenith is educational. To be informed is to be empowered, but to be educated is to be enlightened
Dr Barry RhuleMathematics and Physics Tutor