Engineering Programme

The Ashbourne Engineering Programme is designed to give students the best possible chance of gaining a place at a UK university to study Engineering.

Competitive engineering

Ashbourne’s Engineering Programme introduces students to the wide variety of Engineering courses available in the UK and enables students to hone the necessary skills to approach engineering from both theoretical and practical perspectives. Engineering courses at the UK’s top universities are extremely competitive and require the ability to transform learned concepts into practical applications.

Ashbourne was an amazing experience for me. My teachers were always on hand to help with any of my problems and ensure I achieved my maximum potential. The style of teaching was captivating and to such a high level that I believe it was key to my success at Ashbourne and for that I am unreservedly grateful.

— Ayub, Electric and Electronic Engineering, Imperial College London

Engineering Programme goals

The Programme has three core goals:

  1. To develop relevant skills that students can use at university, through group work, presentations, seminars, research and practical activities.
  2. To stimulate an interest in engineering and help students decide on which stream of engineering is most suitable for them.
  3. To enable students to build a strong application for university.

Team work and innovation

Students undertake one large group project, the theme of which is negotiable and discussed with their tutor. This teaches them how to work as a team, and take individual and collective responsibility for the project, just as they would in industry. Previous project examples include bridge building, developing and designing medical emergency equipment, designing protection gear such as helmets and building incubators.

One of the most recent projects focused on a computer simulation of a satellite launch. It entailed building two different models on computer programs that produced launch and orbit graphics. The group calculated many different launch trajectories and then tested these calculations on the simulators. Other successful projects have explored:

  • How the induction coil in electric cars works.
  • The future of 3D printing.
  • Alternative sources of energy.
  • The engineering behind the fastest car in the world.

The best projects arise when students come up with their own suggestions and ideas for what they are passionate about. At Ashbourne we are keen on individuality and aiding students to reach their own full creative potential. We also encourage innovative thinking that keeps abreast with the latest advances in the field of science and technology.

Academic excellence

Ashbourne students consistently achieve outstanding A level results, 54% A*A (2022-2023), and almost 60% of our graduates go on to study at Russell Group universities, including Oxford and Cambridge.

Engineering students can choose from an excellent selection of A level courses and will benefit from the outstanding individual attention and flexibility the college offers to help students achieve their academic and personal ambitions.

How to apply

Ashbourne offers an adult-approach to learning which is less formal than most schools yet is demanding and disciplined. We believe this helps nurture confident, self-reliant and independent thinking students prepared for the next stages of their lives. We attract students from all over the world making the college a vibrant, diverse and exciting place to learn.

Please get in touch to apply for a place on Ashbourne’s Medical School Programme. Email, [email protected], call +44 (0) 20 7937 3858 or complete the enquiry form below.

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