A Level Retake Courses

Ashbourne’s high quality tuition, focus on individual attention and disciplined yet adult-approach to learning enables students to reach their full potential.

Ambitious students

Ashbourne suits ambitious, hardworking and independent students who are aiming for A and A* so they can study at top British universities. Such students will not settle for second best and have the resilience and courage to try again, despite the initial setback of disappointing results.

Ashbourne provides the extensive support, encouragement and discipline that students need to re-build their confidence and reach their full potential. Ashbourne retake students achieve excellent grade improvements, with almost 95% at B grade or higher. The majority of our students go on to Russell Group universities.

Adult-approach to learning

Ashbourne’s approach to education is refreshing and exciting. Lessons in groups of fewer than 10 students develop engagement, individual attention and a relationship between teachers and students which is grown-up and informal. These small groups allow teachers to interact closely with students and provide feedback with much more assigned work than is customary. Each student has a personal tutor who will guide and direct the UCAS process and oversee their academic progress.

Excellent exam preparation

We are much more focused on exams and exam technique than is usual, and each half term there is a mock exam based on previous exam paper questions. After this mock exam a progress report will be prepared for the student and their parents by each subject teacher.

Moving to Ashbourne may involve a change of syllabus but the knowledge a student has already acquired at their previous school makes this task quite straightforward. This prior knowledge means completing the syllabus in one year is equally straightforward and allows our students sufficient time to focus on detail that they missed previously. In fact, many of our retake students succeed in their retake year whilst taking a new A level subject from scratch.

Great place to learn

Ashbourne welcomes students from all over the world so there is a wonderful diversity of personalities, interests and goals, in part because we offer more than 25 different subjects at A level. The learning environment is vibrant and collaborative and is complemented with an exciting programme of extra curricular activities, events and clubs so students quickly settle in and often form lasting friendships. And the college is superbly located in a beautiful part of London near Kensington Palace and Hyde Park, with world-class attractions and venues within walking distance.

Retaking A levels at Ashbourne

Most universities will regard a decision to retake as a sign of determination, perseverance and ambition. Nonetheless, any student considering retaking their A levels should always ask the relevant university faculty to confirm that a re-application will be welcome and to specify the grades that might now be required.
If you have missed your offer by a small margin you should contact the university’s admissions department who may be pleased to accept you regardless. If not, the university might be able to offer you a place on a course that is closely related to your first choice. You may need to be patient getting through to the department during busy application periods.

Ashbourne is committed to helping students reach their potential. A student who has achieved BBB could, on average, attain A*AA on retake.

  • Lots of teaching time means that you may complete the syllabus in a relaxed and confident manner, with plenty of time for engagement and structured, supervised work in class.
  • Specialist courses Ashbourne offers more than 30 years’ experience in delivering highly successful A Level retake and one-year courses.
  • A fresh, more grown-up approach to education provides a clean break from stale mind-sets and attitudes. Students are in good company with colleagues who share similar ambitions and aspirations.
  • Exam practice is too often in the background at traditional schools. In any field, excellence is achieved through dedicated effort guided by inspired and inspiring teachers and coaches. Our straightforward focus on examination preparation is simple, effective and transformational.
  • Individual attention, communication and feedback. The importance of small classes cannot be overstated but they are more effective when complemented by Personal Tutors. These dedicated teachers encourage and guide students to realise their academic potential and are a reassuring point of contact in dealing with parents’ concerns.

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Please contact Ashbourne’s friendly Admissions team on +44 (0) 20 7937 3858, email or complete the enquiry form.

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