A level retakes (resits) courses in London

Ashbourne College has successfully offered A level retake courses and one year A level courses since its inception over thirty years ago.

Read this before considering resitting your A levels...

Benefits of retaking A levels at Ashbourne

  • Small classes enable teachers to offer individual attention, set and mark much more homework and communicate more effectively.
  • Lots of teaching time means that you may complete the syllabus in a relaxed and confident manner, with plenty of time for engagement and structured, supervised work in class.
  • Specialist courses Ashbourne offers more than 30 years’ experience in delivering highly successful A Level retake and one-year courses.
  • A fresh, more grown-up approach to education quickly renews the spirit and provides a clean break from stale mind-sets and attitudes. Students’ performance is revitalised through contact with colleagues who share similar ambitions and aspirations.
  • Exam practice is too often in the background at traditional schools. In any field, excellence is achieved through dedicated effort guided by inspired and inspiring teachers and coaches. Our straightforward focus on examination preparation is simple, effective and transformational.
  • Individual attention, communication and feedback. The importance of small classes cannot be exaggerated but they are more effective when complemented by Personal Tutors. These dedicated teachers encourage and guide students to realise their academic potential and are a reassuring point of contact in dealing with parents’ concerns.

What grades can you expect at retake?

Depending on your initial grade, you should expect to improve by one or two grades for each subject you retake. Thus either an E or C grade might easily improve to a B grade. On average, we expect our A Level retake students to achieve A*, A or B grades.

Getting into the right university

Ashbourne’s UCAS Tutors offer individual and expert guidance on finding and applying for university courses that match students’ ambitions and abilities. They also provide invaluable interview technique practice for those applying for demanding and highly popular degree courses. Ashbourne also runs specialist Medical School, Engineering and Law programmes, with seminars and outside speakers, as well as preparation for any aptitude tests required by a particular course.

Alternatives to retaking


Your grade(s) might be so inconsistent with your own and your teachers’ expectations that you may consider a request to the exam board for remarking. Be aware, however, that grades often do not change as a result of remarks and may even go down! All remarks must be organised by your school. You can find more information on remarking and post results services here


If you are unsuccessful in getting a place at the university of your choice you may wish to enter the clearing system. You will automatically be sent a‘clearing passport’ number by email. Should you wish to take up a course at another university you will use this to confirm your acceptance. Courses which are still available may be found on the UCAS website.

Gap year

Taking a gap year to travel and work can often help to clarify your thoughts about your future and thus make the years spent at university, should you decide to reapply, more enjoyable and productive.

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