Ashbourne Natural Sciences Programme

Designed to give students the best possible chance of getting onto competitive natural sciences degree courses at a top UK university.

Ashbourne Natural Sciences Programme

Natural sciences is a cross-disciplinary approach to exploring the natural world and encompasses a wide and exciting range of fields such as genetics, earth sciences, materials, evolutionary biology, artificial intelligence, astrophysics, zoology and engineering, for example.

I originally wanted to study general engineering and specialise in the second year, but the Natural Sciences Programme highlighted that I enjoy the material science side to STEM more, so now I’m studying material science and engineering instead.

Averen – Materials Science with Engineering, Imperial

Places on natural sciences courses at top UK universities are highly competitive. Students are not only expected to achieve outstanding A level results, but also to excel in admissions assessments, such as the Cambridge University NSAA, and perform skilfully at academic interviews.

The Ashbourne Natural Sciences Programme (ANSP) sets out to help students:

  • develop relevant and practical skills required for university, through group work, presentations, seminars, research and practical activities
  • explore the range of disciplines and fields within natural sciences and decide on the most suitable stream for them
  • source and engage in super-curricular activities and work experience relevant to the subject areas such as reading, national and university-based competitions, courses and placements at local companies
  • make compelling and successful university applications.

Cutting-edge research and development

Ashbourne Natural Sciences Programme students are invited to share current research and innovations they have discovered with the group before each weekly session. These then become the focal point for lively discussion and debate and touch on any ethical considerations.

Each week different students would bring current research articles in for us to discuss. It gave me an opportunity to dive into and learn about topic areas within the natural sciences that I had no idea about. It really broadened my knowledge base and allowed me to look more widely at scientific research.

Husain, Biochemistry, UCL

The choice of topics is vast, from revolutionary cancer treatments and magnetic slime robots to microplastic pollution, orangutan language development, drone advancements, molecular machines, methane capture in climate change, sustainable battery creation, artificial leaves for artificial photosynthesis, the James-Webb telescope, fossil discoveries related to the mass dinosaur extinction caused by a meteor impact, and more besides.

Working as a professional team

Students both create and deliver individual presentations as well as undertaking a whole-group project, the topic of which they must negotiate between themselves and discuss with the tutor. This emulates the professional environment they would encounter later on in industry or academia.

Outstanding results and university preparation

Ashbourne’s A level courses, taken in conjunction with the Ashbourne Natural Sciences Programme, offer outstanding opportunities for ambitious and hardworking students who will benefit from the individual support and choice we offer to help our students reach the highest grades.

The support I received from Alex, Will and Virash helped me to prepare very effectively for my interview. The mock interviews really managed to mirror the structure of the interview at Cambridge.

Cici – Natural Sciences, Cambridge University

All students receive expert UCAS support and guidance to choose the right degree course, engage in relevant super-curricular activities and prepare for assessments and interviews.

Ashbourne students consistently achieve outstanding A level exam results, 54% A*A (2022-2023), and almost 60% of our graduates go on to study at Russell Group universities, including Oxford and Cambridge.

How to apply

Ashbourne offers an adult-approach to learning which is less formal than most schools yet is demanding and disciplined. We believe this helps nurture confident, self-reliant and independent thinking students prepared for the next stages of their lives. We attract students from all over the world making the college a vibrant, diverse and exciting place to learn.

Please get in touch to apply for a place on Ashbourne’s Finance Programme. Email, [email protected], call +44 (0) 20 7937 3858 or complete the enquiry form below.

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