Transfers after AS level


Changing boards

In transferring from one school to another after completing their AS year, in some cases students may have to change their examination boards.
Have no fear about differing syllabuses – in general, at least 85% of content is common to all A Level examination boards. If you have any anxieties about transferring, do not hesitate to contact our Admissions Department for clarification.

Ashbourne College’s A2 Programme

One of the strengths of our approach is its structure. A full 6 hours per week is devoted to the more challenging second year material, which may be complemented by an additional 1-2 hours per week to review AS material. This approach highlights one of the principal benefits of Ashbourne – teaching time. Such a generous provision of teaching hours means that:

  • There is plenty of opportunity for classroom discussion
  • There is plenty of time to do beneficial supervised work in class, including practice (mock) A Level exams which take place each half term. These examinations provide a vital, objective measure of students’ progress.
  • Lastly and importantly for students undertaking such intensive courses, there is plenty of time to finish the syllabus comfortably.

Other benefits

Small Classes

Studying A Levels in London at Ashbourne means that you will never be in a class with more than 10 students. The average class size is 7.
This Oxbridge-style tutorial approach is ideal in promoting the intimate exploration of ideas and concepts but also, at a simple yet fundamental level, it allows teachers to set and mark much more homework. This sets up a virtuous circle of communication and feedback between teacher and student. Hard work brings success.

UCAS and applying to university

Personal and UCAS Tutors

One of the most important themes of education at Ashbourne College is individual attention.
Each student is assigned a Personal Tutor who is the first point of contact for parents and guardians should they have any concerns about a student’s performance.
Moreover, each student will have a UCAS tutor, who individually will spend as much time as is necessary to ensure the most confident application to university.
Ashbourne has won much praise because of its commitment and attention to the individual in this vital area.

Oxbridge, Medicine, Law and Engineering

Our commitment to the needs of the individual is especially important for students applying to demanding university courses and, in particular, to Oxbridge.
Applications to Oxbridge and to medical schools will need to be submitted by mid-October, so you should be reassured that Ashbourne College has 30 years of experience in dealing with such urgent applications and will act swiftly to liaise with previous schools in order to ensure success.
Ashbourne runs specialist programmes for students applying to medical school, law and engineering: where relevant, mock interviews and preparation for examinations such as BMAT, UKCAT and LNAT are an integral part of these services. The level of attention and care is such that students never feel that their needs have been ignored. As with all activities at Ashbourne College, in this area the student always comes first.

Settling in

A change to a new educational setting my seem daunting. Because most of Ashbourne’s students are here for 2 years, at lest 50% of its students are new each year. This means that neither is it difficult to fit in nor need there be any worry about breaking in to existing social networks.
This process is made easier because of our system of PTs who act to support and motivate their students as well as oversee their UCAS (university) application. Furthermore, the ethos of the college is reflected in its small classes which enable a new and dynamic relationship to be established between teacher and student.


There are parents’ evenings in each of the autumn and spring terms. None the less, parents and guardians are encouraged to liaise with the appropriate PT should they have any concerns.


Ashbourne is on of the top 2 or 3 private colleges in London, achieving 50% A*A grades at A level and sending 50% of its students to Russell Group universities.