One year A level courses at Ashbourne

Ashbourne attracts ambitious, hardworking and independent-minded students. Our intensive and highly demanding one-year A level courses are designed for students who are extremely dedicated and capable of achieving excellent results. These courses are ideal for students transferring from International Baccalaureate to A level and international students wishing to apply to British universities, but may also be applicable to other students.

International Baccalaureate (IB) students – those who wish to change to the more focused approach of A levels and so improve their chances for university. We welcome applications from IB students after their first or second year.
International students – those who have completed high school in their own country but need to study A levels before applying to British universities.

Ashbourne’s unique approach

Ashbourne’s one-year A level students achieve excellent grades and university placements, with more than 50% going on to Russell Group universities. Our unique teaching programme, individual attention and emphasis on exam technique are key factors in this success.

Individual attention
Our students take lessons in small groups of less than 10. This provides students with the space to engage more effectively and for teachers to offer greater levels of individual attention and homework set. It also builds excellent rapport between students and teachers. Dedicated UCAS and Personal Tutors complement this personal approach by offering one-to-one support and guidance to help students fulfil their academic potential and find a career path that best suits them, including applying to Oxbridge and for Medicine.

Teaching programme
Ashbourne offers almost double the usual teaching hours so that students can complete the syllabus in a relaxed and confident manner, with plenty of time for revision at the end. Courses for the first year’s work (AS) and second year’s work are run in parallel from the outset. Students are timetabled for both, for each subject undertaken, with the more challenging second-year work receiving greater teaching time.

Exam technique
Ashbourne places great emphasis on teaching exam technique which we believe is critical to achieving the best A level results. Mocks are set each half term, based on previous exam papers, and students receive a post-exam progress report. 

Grown-up approach
Ashbourne embraces a friendly, informal and ‘grown-up’ approach to education which encourages independent thinking, discipline and high expectations.

Why Choose Ashbourne College?
Ashbourne has broadened my academic and personal horizons beyond any expectation I may have had when I first arrived here. I think a good school gets you where you want to go, but an outstanding school takes you to a place beyond what you would ever have envisaged for yourself, and therefore I can only describe Ashbourne as an outstanding and incredible place to study. As planned, having finished my A levels, I am now entering into my gap year in order to pursue my entrepreneurial ambitions. I intend to gain work experience in the business sector im entering into, in hope to build a strong foundation of authentic understanding and knowledge of the industry, on which I hope to build a successful business in the near future
NicolaGap year
Academic excellence in a relaxed atmosphere! Small classes means that the teachers are able to give the students the dedicated attention that they need not only to succeed but also to understand the material taught.This is a nurturing institution that equips students with all the tools they need in future. I would certainly recommend this school to anyone – but saying this I do not want Ashbourne to lose the close knit family relationship that my daughter enjoys with faculty staff, teachers and students. So I want this to remain as a closely guarded secret!!
I see Ashbourne as a place which I feel comfortable to express myself and it creates an environment that encourages me to develop as a leader. I am constantly looking for ways to improve. I am determined to continue to develop myself and I know that this is made more attainable with Ashbourne’s fantastic support and encouragement. I am very lucky to find myself at Ashbourne. It is a truly remarkable place to work.
Dennis FulcherHead of Multi-Media and Social Science Faculty


Ashbourne one-year A level students results, 2018


A***** D*********

Italian A*
Mathematics B
Economics B

S** B********

Further Maths A*

Economics at Cambridge University 

J** C*****

Economics A*
French A
Latin A

International Relations at Warwick University

A*** M*********

Art A
Russian A
Chemistry B

A**** C****

Mathematics A*
Further Maths A*
Physics A*

Theoretical Physics at Imperial College London

B** A******

French A*
Biology A
Chemistry C

C******** W*******

English Literature A

C****** T******

Biology A

Chemical Engineering at Birmingham University

Y***** K***

Chemistry C

H*** B*******

Philosophy A
Biology B
Chemistry C

Biomedical Sciences at UEA University 

Grade Percentage
A* A 64%
A* AB 87%
A* ABC 100%
Grade Percentage
A* 32%
A 32%
B 23%
C 13%