A Level One-Year Courses

Ashbourne’s highly successful one-year A level courses are designed for dedicated and able students aiming for the highest grades.

Getting the best results

Ashbourne’s one-year A level courses are ideal if you are committed to working hard and taking advantage of the individual support and guidance we offer to help you get the grades you want.

For example, a former one-year A level student achieved four A*s in Further Maths, Maths, Physics and Italian. He went on to study Discrete Mathematics at Warwick University.

Extra teaching time
The one-year A level courses are structured so you are able to complete the entire syllabus in a relaxed and confident manner with plenty of time for revision.

This is possible because class sizes are small and we allocate far more teaching time than is typical. For certain subjects, for example, such as Maths, Sciences and Economics you will receive 50% more lesson time than is usual.

A levels in one year
Our one-year A level courses are a great option if you are transferring from another school after Year 12 or if you are an international or IB student wishing to take up A levels and go to a top UK university.

Individual attention and academic performance

You will take classes in small groups, usually fewer than 10 students. This means you can engage more effectively in lessons and receive plenty of one-to-one attention from your teacher.

Your teacher will also be able to offer detailed feedback to help you gauge progress and highlight areas for improvement.

Exam technique is crucial for achieving excellent results so you get lots of past paper practice throughout the course and are set mock exams every half term.

One of our one-year A level students went on to study Film, Photography and Media at Leeds University after achieving A*AAC in Russian, Film, Media and English Literature.

Each half term (six weeks) you will sit mock exams based on previous exam paper questions, after which you will receive a progress report.

I cannot recommend Ashbourne enough for anyone with a drive and a passion to succeed. You will thrive.

— Charli, outstanding graduate in Film Studies, Music and Drama

University applications

The university application process is often a concern for students who will only be here for a short time. You should be reassured that regardless of background, around 60% of our students go on to study at world-class universities.

One former one-year A level student studying Further Maths, Maths and Physics attained 3 A*s and went on to study Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at Imperial College, London.

You will be assigned a dedicated Personal Tutor who is an experienced UCAS advisor. They will guide and support you throughout your time at the college in all aspects of your academic programme and personal development.

This includes one-to-one UCAS support, from choosing the right course, writing your personal statement and interview practice to accepting the best offer.

Adult-approach to learning

Ashbourne is not like traditional schools so you receive greater freedom to make choices, test your ideas and think independently.

We provide a comprehensive network of support to ensure you feel secure and confident and expect everyone to engage positively within the community to make the college a friendly, safe and dynamic place to learn.

Great place to learn

Ashbourne is situated in the heart of London near Hyde Park and within walking distance from a superb selection of world-class attractions.

You will be among students from all over the world who bring a wealth of ideas, talents and cultures.

During your time at the college we hope you will make lifelong friendships, as most of our students do.

How to apply

Please get in touch to apply for a place at Ashbourne. Email, [email protected], call +44 (0) 20 7937 3858 or complete the enquiry form below.

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