One year A level courses at Ashbourne

Ashbourne is one of the best independent colleges in London, attracting ambitious and hardworking students. Our highly successful one-year A level courses are designed for dedicated and able students who will benefit from the individual support we offer to help our them achieve the highest grades, A and A*.

We are committed to offering as much choice and flexibility as possible to suit each student’s educational needs. Students can choose from an excellent range of A level subject choices, without restriction. These courses are ideal for students transferring from International Baccalaureate (IB) to A level, international students wishing to apply to British universities and students wishing to take up a new subject before reapplying to university, for example.

Ashbourne’s one-year A level students achieve excellent results and university placements, with more than half of our students going on to Russell Group universities including UCL, Imperial College, LSE, Oxford and Cambridge. Our unique teaching programme, individual attention and emphasis on exam technique are key factors in this success.

We allocate significantly more teaching hours per subject than most schools, allowing students to complete the syllabus in a relaxed and confident manner, with plenty of time for revision at the end. Typically A level courses run over two years, split into AS (first year) and A2 (second year) level content. For the one-year A level course lessons for AS and A2 level are run in parallel from the outset with the more challenging second-year work receiving greater teaching time. 

Small classes, with fewer than 10 students, create the ideal environment for students to engage fully and, importantly, for teachers to provide individual attention and feedback on assigned work. Students sit half-termly mocks, comprising past papers, that are followed up in class. This focus on exam technique helps students and teachers measure progress and identify areas to work on in a timely fashion. We believe this is critical to achieving the best A level results.

Building confidence is essential to students achieving their best, so every Ashbourne A level student is assigned a dedicated Personal Tutor who provides support and guidance throughout their time at the college. This allows students to discuss all aspects of their academic programme and personal development and includes one-to-one UCAS support, from choosing the right course, interview practice all the way to accepting the best offer. We also offer specialised university application programmes for competitive courses such as Medicine and Engineering and entry to Oxford and Cambridge.

Ashbourne embraces a friendly, informal and adult approach to education, much like a university. We believe this encourages independent thinking, discipline and high expectations. We are situated in a fantastic part of London, close to many world-class venues and establishments, and we attract students from all over the world, making Ashbourne a vibrant and exciting place to learn.

Why Choose Ashbourne College?
Classes at Ashbourne work identically to my tutorials at university; the tutors are as approachable and knowledgeable as any of my lecturers; and the emphasis on private study to reinforce the day’s teaching is exactly what is expected when studying at a higher level. Ashbourne prepared me for all the academic challenges that university provides
ArikPhilosophy and Mathematics at University of Edinburgh
Positive, encouraging environment ­focuses on what will help Theo rather than what he hasn’t done
If I had to describe Ashbourne in three words it would be welcoming, intimate, and fun. I have never met such an eclectic group of people who all get on and are integrated with each other so well. It’s a great opportunity to get the grades that you want alongside gaining confidence and maturity
Emily BoothroydFormer Administrative and Behavioural Assistant and PA to the Director of Studies


Ashbourne one-year A level students results, 2018


A***** D*********

Italian A*
Mathematics B
Economics B

S** B********

Further Maths A*

Economics at Cambridge University 

J** C*****

Economics A*
French A
Latin A

International Relations at Warwick University

A*** M*********

Art A
Russian A
Chemistry B

A**** C****

Mathematics A*
Further Maths A*
Physics A*

Theoretical Physics at Imperial College London

B** A******

French A*
Biology A
Chemistry C

C******** W*******

English Literature A

C****** T******

Biology A

Chemical Engineering at Birmingham University

Y***** K***

Chemistry C

H*** B*******

Philosophy A
Biology B
Chemistry C

Biomedical Sciences at UEA University 

A* A64%
A* AB87%
A* ABC100%