One year A level courses at Ashbourne

Ashbourne is one of the best independent colleges in London, attracting ambitious and hardworking students. Our highly successful one-year A level courses are designed for dedicated and able students who will benefit from the individual support we offer to help our them achieve the highest grades, A and A*.

We are committed to offering as much choice and flexibility as possible to suit each student’s educational needs. Students can choose from an excellent range of A level subject choices, without restriction. These courses are ideal for students transferring from International Baccalaureate (IB) to A level, international students wishing to apply to British universities and students wishing to take up a new subject before reapplying to university, for example.

Ashbourne’s one-year A level students achieve excellent results and university placements, with more than half of our students going on to Russell Group universities including UCL, Imperial College, LSE, Oxford and Cambridge. Our unique teaching programme, individual attention and emphasis on exam technique are key factors in this success.

We allocate significantly more teaching hours per subject than most schools, allowing students to complete the syllabus in a relaxed and confident manner, with plenty of time for revision at the end. Typically A level courses run over two years, split into AS (first year) and A2 (second year) level content. For the one-year A level course lessons for AS and A2 level are run in parallel from the outset with the more challenging second-year work receiving greater teaching time. 

Small classes, with fewer than 10 students, create the ideal environment for students to engage fully and, importantly, for teachers to provide individual attention and feedback on assigned work. Students sit half-termly mocks, comprising past papers, that are followed up in class. This focus on exam technique helps students and teachers measure progress and identify areas to work on in a timely fashion. We believe this is critical to achieving the best A level results.

Building confidence is essential to students achieving their best, so every Ashbourne A level student is assigned a dedicated Personal Tutor who provides support and guidance throughout their time at the college. This allows students to discuss all aspects of their academic programme and personal development and includes one-to-one UCAS support, from choosing the right course, interview practice all the way to accepting the best offer. We also offer specialised university application programmes for competitive courses such as Medicine and Engineering and entry to Oxford and Cambridge.

Ashbourne embraces a friendly, informal and adult approach to education, much like a university. We believe this encourages independent thinking, discipline and high expectations. We are situated in a fantastic part of London, close to many world-class venues and establishments, and we attract students from all over the world, making Ashbourne a vibrant and exciting place to learn.

Why Choose Ashbourne College?
Ashbourne was an amazing experience for me. My teachers were always on hand to help with any of my problems and ensure I achieved my maximum potential. The style of teaching was captivating and to such a high level that I believe it was key to my success at Ashbourne and for that I am unreservedly grateful
AyubElectric and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College London
Our daughter has surely improved her knowledge in the chosen subjects but also her ability in dealing with her everyday life
I see Ashbourne as a place which I feel comfortable to express myself and it creates an environment that encourages me to develop as a leader. I am constantly looking for ways to improve. I am determined to continue to develop myself and I know that this is made more attainable with Ashbourne’s fantastic support and encouragement. I am very lucky to find myself at Ashbourne. It is a truly remarkable place to work.
Dennis FulcherHead of Multi-Media and Social Science Faculty


Ashbourne one-year A level students results

2018/20192017/20182016/20172015/20162014 / 2015

Ruby Yianni

Psychology B

Scarlett Howarth

English Literature A

Edward Dashper White

Economics B

Government & Politics C

Le Quoc Cuong Luong

Mathematics A*

Further Maths A

Economics A

Government & Politics B

Rhianna Williams

Classical Civilisations A*

Minh Trang Nghiem

Chinese A

Economics B

Mathematics A

Sze Qi Tan

Economics A

English Literature A

Mathematics C

Clementine Kellie-Smith

Business Studies B

Economics A

Psychology A

Clera Rodrigues

Music C

Kendal Valerie Smithers

Computer Science A

Mathematics B

Physics B

Huw Kenna

Drama B

English Literature B

Mathematics E

Victoria Piotti

Economics B

Italian A*

Mathematics B

Jack Roberts

Art B

Mathematics B

History C

Matteo Arrigoni

English Literature A

Government & Politics A

Italian A*

Mathematics B

Ali Alansari

Arabic U

Mathematics D

Physics U

Imogen Syms

Biology A

Chemistry B

Latin C

Behdad Amir Gholami

Biology C

Chemistry B

Physics C

Ziheng Xu

Further Maths A*

Mathematics A*

Physics A*

Bradley Maxwell

Computer Science A

Hana Machnouk

Biology A

Chemistry A

Mathematics A*

Esme Weil

Computer Science A*

Jay Canoville

Further Mathematics A

Mathematics A*

Physics A

Nathaniel Reid

English Literature A*

Government & Politics B

History B

Curran Shah

Economics A

Government & Politics A

Mathematics B

Jonathan Hosking

Biology A

Mathematics A*

Chenyang Jin

Chemistry B

Mathematics A

Physics A

Vivek Shah

Economics B

History C

Mathematics E

Georgie Dylan Hardiman

Economics B

Mathematics A

Julie Pagy

Biology A

John Straker

History of Art B

Oluwateniola Ayooluwatomiwa Odukomaiya

Chemistry A*

Milosz Nitek

Economics A

Further Maths A

Mathematics A*

William Lowther

Art A

Afrose Ameen

Chemistry C

Charlie Slimmon

Biology A

Chemistry A

Physics A

Eugenia Cipriani

French B

Italian A*

Spanish A

Angelo DiGianvito

Italian A* Mathematics B Economics B

Sam Bottomley

Further Maths A*

Economics at Cambridge University 

Joy Coburn

Economics A*  French A  Latin A 

International Relations at Warwick University

 Anna Movshevich

Art A  Russian A  Chemistry B

Annie Chiew

Mathematics A*  Further Maths A*  Physics A*

Theoretical Physics at Imperial College London

Ben Anglade

French A*  Biology A  Chemistry C

Catherine Williams

English Literature A

Chandni Thakkar

Biology A

Chemical Engineering at Birmingham University

Yaseen Khan

Chemistry C

 Heba Belkacem 

Philosophy A, Biology B, Chemistry C

Biomedical Sciences at UEA University

Grade Percentage
A* A 64%
A* AB 87%
A* ABC 100%

Elliot Yu 

Physics A*, Mathematics A*, Further Mathematics A*

Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Imperial

Joining Ashbourne with the ultimate ambition to become an Electrical Engineer, EY was committed to the challenge of taking A1 courses in Maths, Further Maths and Physics from scratch. Coming from Saint Dominic High School in the Caribbean, he brought with him dedication and a hard-working ethos, which meant he was able to master the material at a rapid rate. Always approaching his classes with a friendly and positive attitude, EY contributed with intelligent questions, and showed a witty yet courteous sense of humour towards staff and students alike.

 Alexandros Papoutas 

Mathematics A*, Economics A, Further Maths A

Economics and Statistics, University College London

AP came to us from an experienced background of having done military service and previously studied at the International School of Paphos in Cyprus. He is a talented jazz piano player and enjoys tennis, but has the ultimate ambition to pursue Economics vocationally. His Economics teacher said “he worked very hard to achieve the necessary grades to enter a Russell Group institution – throughout his time here he developed high quality writing skills during the year which complemented his interest in economics”. AP was always happy to help his peers in the classroom as well as engaging in discussions.

 Emily Yu 

Chemistry A, Physics A, Maths A

Pharmacy, University College London

EY came to Ashbourne to achieve the grades needed to study Pharmacy at degree level. Teachers described EY as an extremely able student who was a pleasure to teach. EY epitomises a true Asher in respect of the greater sense of freedom Ashbourne gives to students; always present and punctual for class. EY focused in on execution of exam technique and proved excellent understanding of the subjects by submitting the highest standard of work throughout the entire year with us. EY has now accepted her offer from UCL and has accomplished the ultimate goal to study Pharmacy.

 Ilya Bychkov

Russian A*, Physics A, Biology A, Chemistry B

Biomedical Sciences, King’s College

Ilya came to us in the hope to secure the grades required to study Biomedical Sciences at King’s College University. After completing one-year courses in Russian and the Sciences, IB said “I would recommend Ashbourne to friends who may need to resit any of the A-levels”. IB’s success can be seen to reflect the value of our smaller class sizes in the context of shorter intensive courses. “I enjoyed the very personal approach to teaching from most of my teachers during the individual lessons and the ability to tailor some of the lessons to my specific needs, which I believe improved the effectiveness and the enjoyment of the education”.

Xuan Huang

Physics A, Mathematics A, Chinese B

Mechanical Engineering, Manchester University

XH was previously studying in the United States, and although he refers to his studies there as challenging, he admits to having found the process easier since enrolling with Ashbourne. XH is a bright and hardworking student who has gained in confidence and ability within his subjects during his time here. When reflecting back at this year he said, “I think A1 at Ashbourne is a very good programme and if I could choose again, I would certainly do it”. Having accepted his offer from Manchester University, he will now go on to study Mechanical Engineering.

Aimee Martino

Italian A, French B, Music C

Music, Royal Holloway

Having an exciting array of interests such as opera singing, fantasy literature and film, AM was a well rounded, bright and engaging student. She came to Ashbourne with the ambition of going on to Royal Holloway to study Music. As a singer with the versatility to perform Gluck, Mozart, opera and English folk songs, she has a myriad of capabilities under the musical umbrella. AM compared the openness of Ashbourne’s university-like approach to her previous experiences in education, saying “it was really nice to be treated like an adult for the first time and being given the freedom to approach your studies in your own way”. AM expressed an appreciation for the balance between teacher’s support and independent thinking as she explains: “You get great guidance from teachers, but the freedom to approach your studies in your own way. For me it was perfect”.


Biology A, Economics A, Philosophy B

Philosophy and Psychology, Edinburgh University

AB was praised as an exceptional student by her Economics teacher, and was recognised as someone who possessed high-order skills which she worked incredibly hard to enhance. She came to Ashbourne wanting a change from the standard school environment, and flourished under Ashbourne’s encouragement to be more proactive and independent in approaching her studies. She was a prime example of an Asher in her social approach to classes, as she was always engaged and happy to help others. After initially considering a gap year, she has now decided to study Philosophy and Psychology at Edinburgh University

Conor Grefte 

English Literature A, Economics B, Psychology B

Ancient History and English, University of Leeds

CG came to us to retake Psychology and Economics, in addition to one of his English Literature units. During his one year stay with us he adapted his style of working in line with his teachers’ guidance, which allowed him to maximise his marks and realise his potential. ultimately securing him his improved grades. He upgraded his marks from B in English Literature, C in Psychology, and D in Economics to ABB respectively. CG is now going on to study Ancient History and English at the University of Leeds.

Zheng Hong Zhou

Mathematics A, Chinese A, Economics C, Further Mathematics C

Economics and Finance, Surrey University

ZHZ was an ambitious pupil who always wanted to achieve top grades in Mathematics. He came to Ashbourne after studying a 3-month foundation course for Mathematics, Accounting and Economics at an international school in China. However, once discovering this couldn’t lead to his academic ambition of securing a place at university, he enrolled with Ashbourne to take A1 courses in Maths, Further Maths, Chinese and Economics. He progressed steadily from the beginning of the course, and consistently adopted a highly independent approach to his studies. He will now go on to pursue his interests in Economics and Finance at Surrey University.

Tom Cavailhes

Further Mathematics A, French A, Economics B, Mathematics C,
King’s College, French and Management

Originally from France, TC came to Ashbourne to study Maths, Further Maths and Economics in one year. He wants to have his own business and already does some importing and exporting. TC had a little home tutoring last year but otherwise has studied the A levels in their entirety in 1 year. ‘I have had an amazing experience here, especially from my tutors, who show a different approach to each individual student’. TC has also commented on the help that he was given by staff, especially Lee Kirby, the Director of Studies, with the university application process. As TC has said, it is thanks to Lee’s encouragement and telephone calls, that he has his offer from King’s. Friendship is an important aspect of student life at Ashbourne. As TC says, so long as you show respect to your colleagues, everyone at Ashbourne is accepted, no matter what their appearance, creed or background.

Theo Kemp

Psychology A, Biology A, Chemistry B
Bristol University, Biology

TK gained Cs and Ds in his AS studies before coming to Ashbourne to read Biology, Chemistry and Psychology. TK says that it was definitely the right decision to come to Ashbourne: ‘the move helped me to grow up and learn new things… ‘ As well as receiving excellent tuition, he has commented on the ‘efficient and slick’ help that he received for his university application from the Deputy Director of Studies.

Guy Monnington 

Mathematics A, Italian A
King’s College, Computer Science

GM had briefly attended Brighton University, reading Civil Engineering, before coming to Ashbourne to improve his grades in order to move to a different university. His previous grades from another school were BBC and has changed subjects (retaking Maths and adding Italian to his original French A level). GM says that he has concentrated much more this year and the teaching has been excellent. ‘I do like the fact that we do mocks every half term. That was very good for me… I feel so much more confident this time round.’ He also commented on how his tutor Ruchi helped him with his university application, especially making sure that he made the right decisions, and prepared him well with coding exercises that helped him to make a strong application for computing.


Mathematics B, Biology B, Chemistry B
St George’s Hospital Medical School, Biomedical Science

MH studied Biology and Chemistry in one year with us, as well as taking the A2 in Maths. She had obtained a B and a C in the AS subjects first time round from another independent sixth form college, and has now met the required grades to continue her education at St George’s Hospital Medical School. She told us that she has had a ‘really good experience… all the teachers are very helpful. It’s a very good learning environment … you’re not pushed down if you have a question or haven’t understood anything…’ She also remarked how her teacher Amy was very helpful with her university application and ‘is such a good teacher; never lets you down and always gives good notes’.Generally, she has found Ashbourne to be very friendly and enjoyable: ‘If I could go back, I would probably have come to this college initially (rather than having to retake)’.

Lucas Frayssinet

Mathematics A*, Further Mathematics A, French A
Barcelona University, Business Administration

Lucas originally studied in France and was looking for a direction after completing his Baccalaureate, in which he scored 14/20. He came to Ashbourne to study Maths, Further Maths and French in one year and has been accepted at Barcelona University to study Business Administration. Having done a series of internships, he is keen on retail and is interested in opening supermarkets when he completes his education.Lucas likes the approach to teaching at Ashbourne, in which there are 5-10 people in a class — a personal mentoring with ‘good staff and environment, everything’ and excellent help with the university application process from the Principal, Mike Kirby. As Lucas put it, ‘I made myself work as never before; it’s the first time in my life that I’ve worked really hard.’ Socially also this was one of his best years in school as he admitted before receiving his results: ‘ I really enjoyed it… Even if I don’t meet my choices, I will be satisfied with what I have accomplished this year.’ — a new thing for me…’


Physics B, Mathematics B
Warwick University, Engineering

AA came to Ashbourne from Spain via another UK school and retook his Maths and Physics. He has commented on how he covered all the material in half the time, and felt really well-prepared in the uprun to exams. In relation to Maths C4, for example, he said that Miss Rupinder ‘explained things really well, things I didn’t get last year’ and he enjoyed the small class sizes, in his case as low as 3 students.
He was happy that he received lots of homework as it encouraged a consistent and maintained level of hard work. He received helpful assistance from Mike with the editing of his personal statement and support with explaining to universities about his previous grades and new application. As a consequence, he has achieved the grades which have afforded him the opportunity to study Engineering at Warwick University, which could lead to a career in the energy sector. He enjoyed the diversity of Ashbourne and made solid friendships.

Munkiran Deo

Biology A*, Chemistry A, Mathematics B
Bristol, Law

MD came to us from a comprehensive school in East London in order to retake Biology and Chemistry in one year, together with Maths A2. After taking a gap year, Ashbourne helped her to compile a strong application, the success of which MD reflects upon by saying “Ashbourne was the best choice that I’ve made in terms of school… teachers are so supportive, interested, they want you to do well, … they know what they have to do and how to do it.” She also commented on the “really nice people; the atmosphere is very positive and everybody really kind; I immediately integrated into the group.”

Olamide Duyile 

History A, Psychology A, Mathematics B
Warwick, Sociology and Global Sustainable Development

OD came to us from Chobham Academy, where she had taken AS Maths, History, Chem and Psych (AABB). At Ashbourne she retook one module in History and carried on with A2 Maths, History and Psychology. She commented on the ‘helpful teachers, to whom you could go back for extra help’. Her tutor Will, gave her lots of help with her UCAS application, for example, with the extra personal statement required by the University of Warwick.

Ada Bruzziches

Italian A*, French A, History A, Government and Politics C
Queen Mary, Russian with Business Management

AB  came to us with excellent grades (8.5) from the Convitto Nazionale in Rome, keen to take A levels in French, History, Politics and Italian in one year. She immediately impressed us with her maturity and intellectual depth and subsequently received an offer (AAA) from University College London to read Politics and East European Studies. AB showed herself to be a great learner and rapidly developed both her academic skills and her writing in English. As she has put it, ’doing everything in one year was quite challenging but the school motivated me and I always wanted to do the work!’


Luke Hammett

English Literature A*
Sussex University, Philosophy

LH was 19 years old when he arrived at Ashbourne, having previously achieved an A* in Film, a B in Philosophy and a C in Psychology at another school. He impressed us from the outset with his range of literary and cultural interests, and gained an A* in English Literature A level in his year at Ashbourne. He is now studying Philosophy at the University of Sussex.

Emily Hong 

History of Art A, English Literature B, Film Studies B
University of Lancaster Marketing Management

EH achieved excellent GCSES and then underperformed at AS in her previous school, gaining a D for Design and Technology, a C for Philosophy and a C for English Literature. At Ashbourne she achieved an A in History of Art, a B in English Literature and a B in Film Studies. She is now studying Marketing Management at the University of Lancaster.

Micha Horgan

French A, English Literature B
University of East Anglia, American Literature

MH came to Ashbourne at the age of 19, having disliked the regimented atmosphere in his previous school. He achieved an A for French and a B for English Literature with us.

Benedict Tso

English Literature A*, Music B, Mathematics B
King’s College, English Literature

A talented student, BT had only achieved a D for Mathematics, an E for Economics and a C for Music in his previous school. At Ashbourne Benedict improved his Mathematics grade to a B and he studied English Literature in a year, starting from scratch, achieving an A*. This set him up perfectly for reading English at King’s College, London.

Sara Parnell 

German A, Fine Art B, Psychology B

Having been schooled abroad, SP spent her first year in the UK at Ashbourne, achieving an A in German, a B in Psychology and a B in Fine Art. SP had originally intended to study medicine but eventually decided to pursue a career in the arts.

Umair Uddin 

Biology A, English Literature A, Chemistry B
Oman Medical College

UU took his A levels at another school in London and joined Ashbourne for a one-year course. He improved his grades in English from a B to an A, in Chemistry from a D to a B and in Biology from a C to an A. Umair is now studying Medicine at Oman Medical College.

Federico Milana

Mathematics A

FM came to Ashbourne for a specific but not untypical reason. An able student, he had taken the IB at another school in London but the subsidiary level Mathematics that he had taken there was not sufficient for his chosen university course. At Ashbourne he took Mathematics in one year and achieved an A

Matthew MacFarlane 

Mathematics A, Physics B
Bristol University, Physics

MM came to us from a famous public school in the North of England. In his year at Ashbourne he improved his Mathematics grade from a C to an A and his Physics grade from a C to a B. He is now studying Physics at the University of Bristol.

Ben Dyson

Mathematics A
University of Virginia, International Relations and Politics

BD studied at a top London school before improving his Mathematics grade from a D to an A in his year at Ashbourne. His family is delighted with his performance at Ashbourne and felt that the College offered BD the secure environment that he needed to fulfil his potential. He went on to study International Relations and Politics at the University of Virginia.