One year A level Courses

One year A level courses are ideal for any able student who wishes to study a particular subject(s) intensively. They are especially suitable for:

International Baccalaureate (IB) students – these students may want to change to the more focused approach of A levels and so improve their chances for university. We welcome applications from IB students after their first or second year.

International students – these students will generally have completed high school in their own country but need to study A levels before applying to British universities

Ashbourne’s unique approach

One year A level students are able to complete the A level syllabus in one year because of:

  • Ashbourne’s small class sizes of, on average, 7 students.
  • Extensive teaching time far above the national average.

Our small class sizes small offer students greater opportunities for engagement and communication, and enable teachers to give students more individual attention in the classroom as well as to set more homework.

Ashbourne offers a unique approach to one-year A levels by running two sets of classes in parallel from the beginning of the course: one for the first year’s work (AS) and one for the second year’s work. Students are timetabled for both of these classes for each subject undertaken, with the more challenging second-year work receiving more teaching time. Students finish the course with confidence because the additional teaching time allows for greater supervision of work in class and includes at least one mock exam each half-term (six weeks). Significantly, there is always plenty of time for revision at the end of the course

Individual attention and application to universities

All students are assigned to a Personal Tutor whom they will meet on an individual basis throughout the first term, and to a UCAS tutor, who will support their university applications. To make the most confident application to university requires time, patience and experience, especially for demanding courses such as those at Oxford, Cambridge and Medicine. 
Personal Tutors often have a vital role to play after the results are released. If a student has narrowly missed their offer, the Personal Tutor will take up their case directly with the universities. This intercession can make the telling difference with a Russell Group university.


Ashbourne is selective and we only offer places to students on our one-year A level courses if we believe they are capable of meeting this academic challenge.

2018 results for one-year A level students


Italian A*
Mathematics B
Economics B


Further Maths A*

Economics at Cambridge University 


Economics A*
French A
Latin A

International Relations at Warwick University


Art A
Russian A
Chemistry B


Mathematics A*
Further Maths A*
Physics A*

Theoretical Physics at Imperial College London


French A*
Biology A
Chemistry C


English Literature A


Biology A

Chemical Engineering at Birmingham University


Chemistry C


Philosophy A
Biology B
Chemistry C

Biomedical Sciences at UEA University 

Grade Percentage
A* A 64%
A* AB 87%
A* ABC 100%
Grade Percentage
A* 32%
A 32%
B 23%
C 13%