A Level 18-Month Courses

Confidently complete your A levels in 18 months and achieve excellent results at Ashbourne.

Keys to success

Ashbourne students consistently achieve outstanding results, 53% A*A (2022-2023), making us one of the best A level colleges in London.

We offer exceptional levels of individual attention, place a real emphasis on exam technique and provide generous teaching hours for each course.

As a result, students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own success and make great improvements in their performance.

Almost 60% of our graduates then go on to study at world-class universities, including UCL, Imperial, Oxford and Cambridge.

Structured A level courses

The A level 18-month course starts in January and has been designed for students unable to join the two-year A level course in September.

It is perfect if you are moving schools, relocating or coming from another country with a different academic calendar, for example.

You can choose from 25 A level subjects, without restriction, for this programme.

During the first year (17 weeks) you will have more teaching hours to ensure you cover all of the required material. The rest of the course material is then covered in the three remaining terms of the second year.

This leaves plenty of time for revision at the end of the course.

Individual attention and high performance

Class sizes are deliberately kept small so you can engage more effectively and received plenty of one-to-one attention from your teacher.

This also allows your teacher to set more assigned work and half-termly mock exams, which are critical to achieving the highest grades.

You will have plenty of time to discuss your progress and renew your targets with your teacher and Personal Tutor.

University-style education

Ashbourne gives you greater freedom and flexibility than most traditional schools.

We work with you from the outset to design an educational programme that best suits your ambitions and aptitude and then provide you with the comprehensive support needed to reach your goals.

You will be assigned a dedicated Personal Tutor who will guide and support you personally and academically throughout your time at the college.

They will also provide expert careers advice and one-to-one UCAS support, from choosing the right course, interview practice all the way to accepting the best offer.

We encourage you to wholeheartedly embrace this adult-approach to learning which we believe fosters independent thinking, collaboration, discipline and high expectations.

Everyone at the college is expected to play their part in helping to make Ashbourne a friendly, safe and vibrant place to learn.

Beautiful location

Ashbourne is superbly situated in a beautiful part of London near Kensington Palace and Hyde Park. We have a great selection of world-class attractions and venues within walking distance of the college, such as the Royal Albert Hall and the Science, Natural History and Design museums.

Study at Ashbourne

We welcome students from all over the world, making the college a vibrant and exciting place to learn.

Please contact our Admissions team to enrol or to find out more: email [email protected], call +44 (0) 20 7937 3858 or complete the enquiry form below.

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