Ashbourne College Staff

Founded in 1981 by its current principal and director, Mike Kirby, Ashbourne employs a large number of staff for both teaching and administrative purposes.

Ashbourne’s ethos is one of friendliness and informality and one of the great things about the college are the enduring relationships between staff and students.

Students are encouraged to call their teachers by their first name and are not required to wear uniform. As a result, Ashbourne inspires good relations between staff and students, based on mutual respect and approachability.


Michael Kirby

MSc (London), BApSc (Toronto), MInstD

mike kirby

Mike Kirby founded Ashbourne College in 1981 and has since presided over its continuing academic development and growth in reputation.

Educated at the Universities of Toronto and London, where he read Aerospace Engineering and Statistics, Mike is a key figure in the promotion of independent education in the UK through bodies such as the Council for Independent Further Education (CIFE) and the British Council Education Counselling Service. He has recently joined the Admissions Panel for Medicine at UCL as a lay member.

Director of Studies and Operations
Head of Year 13

Lee Kirby

lee kirby

After living and working abroad, Lee has been instrumental in the development of the college’s information systems and databases.
He is a qualified FA coach and has played semi-professionally and professionally in the UK and Vietnam. Lee has had basic training as a counsellor, which has had a significant impact on the pastoral support for students at the college.

Academic Management


Assistant Director of Studies

James Wykes

MA Modern Literatures in English; Birkbeck, BA English Literatures; University of Wales, PGCE in English; King’s College

john wilson

Since joining Ashbourne in 2007, James has made an outstanding contribution to the academic development of the school. As well as leading an exceptionally successful English Department, he was instrumental in establishing Drama as a vital part of Ashbourne’s curriculum. He has enriched the College’s cultural life with initiatives that have ranged from the college newspaper to critical theory seminars. Above all, as Assistant Director of Studies and Leader of Faculties, he has guided and motivated countless Ashbourne students and has presided over the evolution of the College’s distinctive educational approach.

Assistant Head of Year 13

Amy Youngman

BSc Neuroscience (Kings College, London)

Ashbourne College London Film Studies teacher - Dennis Fulcher

Amy joined Ashbourne in September 2015 as our new Head of Natural Sciences. In addition to teaching, Amy also runs the Ashbourne College Medical programme, supporting AS and A2 students who wish to go on to study Medicine and Dentistry.
As well being passionate about science, Amy also loves music. She plays the violin and has toured with university’s orchestra

Assistant Head of Year 13

Sean Pillai

MA Civil Engineering with Business Management (Warwick University)

Ashbourne College London History of Art teacher - Katie Pettitt

Sean has recently graduated with a Masters in Civil Engineering and Business
Management from Warwick University. He began his career as an investment banker but quickly realised that teaching was his preferred profession. A keen sportsman, Sean plays lacrosse, football and tennis in his spare time.

Assistant Head of Year 13

Frances Burns

BA History and Drama (Liverpool); Master of Fine Arts (Ohio)

Ashbourne College London Drama and Theatre Studies teacher - Frances Burns

As well as Deputy Head of Year 13 and a Drama Teacher at Ashbourne, for many years Fran has also been a practitioner in both Mindfulness and Meditation techniques and a senior facilitator for one of the country’s leading Arts Educational companies, helping to deliver specialist programmes in Student Health & Wellbeing and various PSHE issues – all of which were excellent preparation for the next step in becoming the new DSL (Designated Safeguarding Lead) for the college. Fran has a genuine belief in students feeling truly supported in all the aspects of their lives that can impact on their ability to reach their potential, and is a committed advocate in supporting young people develop the skills and techniques that allow them to be proactive in their own wellbeing;- whether academically, emotionally or socially. She is delighted to be the DSL for Ashbourne.

Head of Middle School

Rupert Browett

BA Hons (London)
History, EFL (HoD)

Emily Boothroyd

Rupert Browett, Head of EFL is highly experienced in the field of English Language teaching. He holds a BA in History from Goldsmiths College, and a Certificate in TEFLA from International House. He is especially tuned in to the needs of our overseas students as he has travelled and taught throughout the world, particularly in Asia and is himself learning Chinese. Rupert has acted as an examiner for a variety of EFL qualifications including the First Certificate and IELTs. Rupert is a keen cyclist and another veteran of the London marathon.

Teaching Staff


Mrs. Ruchi Agarwal

PGCE (Institute of Education, London), Masters in Computer Applications (MCA, India), B.Com Hons (India)
ICT and Computing

Ashbourne College London Admissions Tutor - Chris Masters

Ruchi has a Masters in Computer Applications and Bachelors of Commerce with Honours from her native India. She started teaching ICT and Computing in the UK in 2001 and completed her PGCE in ICT from one of the most prestigious institutions, the Institute of Education, University of London. She joined Ashbourne in 2012 and has progressed to become a core member of our staff. She constantly tries to improve her teaching strategies and is passionate about promoting Computer Science at Ashbourne. Apart from her love for Bollywood, she enjoys reading fiction and aspires to play badminton well.

Benvinda Alves

BA English (University of Nanterres, France), MA English (University of Nanterres, France)

Benvinda Alves - French - Ashbourne College LondonBenvinda joined Ashbourne in July 2016. She is an experienced teacher who has taught French in a variety of establishments including King’s College and the London School of Economics. She is an avid learner of languages, and very keen runner.

Zahra Behrang

MSc Mathematical Sciences (Tabriz University, Iran), PhD Pure Mathematics (University of Birmingham, UK) BSc Mathematical Sciences (Open Univeristy), MSc Medical Statistics (Uni of London)

Zahrah Behrang - Maths - Ashbourne College London

Seema Ali

PGCE (University of Durham), BSc Maths (University of Durham)

Ashbourne College London Admissions Tutor - Chris Masters

Seema joined Ashbourne in September 2016 and teaches maths and further maths

Cristiana Botigella

BA Italian Literature and Contemporary Art (Milan Catholic University), MA Cultural Policies (London City Univerisity)


Cristiana Bottigella holds a Degree in Italian Literature and Contemporary Art from the Catholic University in Milan and obtained an MA in Cultural Policies from the City University, London. She had her first experience as an Italian teacher in a London College, after which she tutored numerous pupils at different levels in Germany, Austria and Italy. Cristiana has a strong interest in contemporary literature and art and currently teaches at Ashbourne as well as in other independent colleges in London

Arabella Bridge

BA Hons (Open), PGCE (Sussex)
English (HoD), Drama

Shaheena Teeluck

Arabella Bridge has led a successful English Department at Ashbourne for nearly ten years. The department started with a handful of students and is now one of the largest in the College. Arabella completed a BA in English Literature then went on to pursue postgraduate studies at NYU. She gained a PGCE from the University of Sussex and has over twenty years experience of teaching. Arabella, as one might expect from an English teacher, is a keen theatergoer and an avid reader.

Emily Browne

BSci Psychology (University of Birmingham, UK)

Emily Browne - Psychology - Ashbourne College London

Emily is a Psychology and Biology tutor who joined Ashbourne in August 2017

Joanna Budden

BA (Leeds)
History (HoD), Politics (HoD)

Ashbourne College London History teacher - Joanna Budden

Joanna Budden has a BA in History from Leeds University. She taught English abroad for some years before completing a PGCE at Manchester Metropolitan University. Joanna enjoys travel and the great outdoors.

Stephen Burton

BA Hons Geography (University of Leicester), PGCE (University of Leicester), PHD Philosophy (University of Leicester)

Ashbourne College London Geography and Sociology teacher Stephen Burton

Stephen is a hugely experienced tutor and semi-retired head of a large comprehensive school on the outskirts of London. He has been teaching at Ashbourne since 2013. He has an impressive list of qualifications including BA Hons Geography (University of Leicester), PGCE (University of Leicester) and a PHD in Philosophy (University of Leicester). Students find Stephen’s wealth of experience, knowledge and professionalism combined with his warmth and wit a very appealing combination.

Fran Bushe

MA Acting (Arts Educational School), BA English (UCL), PGCE Education (University of Cambridge)

Ashbourne College London Drama and Theatre Studies teacher - Frances Bushe

Frances Bushe has an MA in Acting and qualified to teach Drama at the University of Cambridge. She is a prize-winning playwright, filmmaker and an award nominated performer. She has studied improvisation and sketch comedy at Second City in America and has also taking successful productions to the Edinburgh Fringe. Frances is a skilled improviser and is trained in stage combat.

Brendan Casey

BSc Hons (London School of Economics), BEd (Greenwich)
Accounts, Business, Economics (HoD)

Ashbourne College London Economics and Accountancy teacher - Brendan Casey

Brendan Casey is Head of the highly successful Economics and Business Studies Department. He is another long-standing member of staff, having been at Ashbourne for over ten years. Brendan is a graduate of the London School of Economics. He trained as an accountant and worked in the city before completing his PGCE at the University of Greenwich. Brendan is a lifelong supporter of Chelsea Football Club.

George Chaldezos

BA Hons, Phd (Cambridge)

Ashbourne College London Classic Civilisation teacher - George Chaldezos

George studied Classics at the Universities of Thessaloniki, Cologne and Cambridge. He joined Ashbourne in 2003 as a teacher of Latin, Greek and Classical Civilisation and has been running the Classics department since then. George is a member of the Association for Latin Teaching and Assistant Examiner for OCR and the Cambridge Pre-U.

Nick Cheesman

MA Fine Art (Chelsea College of Arts, UAL); BA Hons Fine Art (Staffordshire University); PGCE Art and Design (Bath Spa University)

Nick Cheeseman - Art - Ashbourne College LondonNick brings a wealth of experience and passion for teaching art to Ashbourne. He is a practising artist who has exhibited his work across the UK and has been teaching for more than seven years. He has also been an Edexcel exam moderator for GCSE and A level. Nick joined the college in 2016.

John Curran

BA(Hons) Econ (CNAA), MA Economics (Simon Fraser University, Canada), MA Economics Education (Institute of Education, University of London), MEd Policy, Research and Professional Practice (London Metropolitan University)

John Curran - Economics - Ashbourne College London

John studied Economics at the City of London Polytechnic and then at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. He taught economics at London Metropolitan University for 35 years before joining Ashbourne in 2015. John is the author of Taking The Fear Out Of Economics, an introductory text for A2 and first year degree students. John engages students through the use of examples to explain economics. In his free time John likes to run, play the piano and garden. All of which he does slowly. He supports Celtic and West Ham.

Rupinder Dhillon

BSC Industrial and Natural Resource Chemistry (Brunel), PGCE (Brunel)

Ashbourne College London Maths teacher Rupinder Dhillon

Rupinder earned a degree in Industrial and Natural Resource Chemistry from Brunel University. She then went on to work as an analytical chemist for several companies such as SGS and Oxford Agricultural Services. Rupinder then retrained and completed her PGCE in 1996 and her first interview was with Ashbourne in which she was successful! Rupinder first taught at Ashbourne 19 years ago, before leaving for the States where she lived and travelled for 3 years. She came back to us in 2013. Combined with her love for teaching maths, her positive personality and sense of humour she is committed to encourage an uncompromising work ethic amongst her students. In her free time Rupinder enjoys studying French and reading historical fiction. She has a passion for travelling and learning about cultures.

Jerry Evans

BSc Hons (Aberystwyth), FSI (City University, London)
Geography (HoD), Business Studies

Ashbourne College London Geography teacher - Jerry Evans

Jerry Evans has a degree in Geography from the University of Aberystwyth. He worked investment banking for many years, before completing his PGCE and turning to teaching. He holds an FSI and is a Fellow of the Securities Institute. He is also a member of the advisory board for the School of Management and Business of the University of Wales. Jerry is extremely well travelled and has visited almost every country on the globe.

Louise Forster

BA German and Italian (Reading) German

Louise Forster

Louise Forster is half-German and read German and Italian at Reading University. She also speaks French. She joined Ashbourne ten years ago as a German tutor and now teaches Italian and EFL in addition. She has lived in Berlin, studied at Munich and Bologna as part of her degree and often visits friends and relatives in Bavaria. She is also a member of the Goethe Institut. Louise enjoys opera, Art History and working creatively with textiles.

Pete Franklyn

QTS (GTC) , PGCE Mathematics (Middlesex University), BSc Science (LSE)

Pete Franklyn - Maths - Ashbourne College London

Pete Franklyn has a BSc. in Actuarial Science from the London School of Economics and a PGCE in Secondary Mathematics from the University of London. Before retraining as a teacher in 2002, Pete worked at Channel 4 for 11 years, first as Marketing Manager and later writing and directing TV trailers.

Dennis Fulcher

BSc Hons (Kingston) MA (London) PGCE (Greenwich)
Media and Social Sciences (HoD), Psychology, Sociology, Film, Politics and Law

Ashbourne College London Film Studies teacher - Dennis Fulcher

Dennis Fulcher is the College’s polymath and Head of Humanities. Originally a graduate in Sociology, Dennis has also completed a Masters in Government and Political Studies, a PGCE and a Diploma in Print Journalism. He is also a teamleader for Government and Politics examiners. Dennis is a lifelong film enthusiast.

Jane Gregory

BA English (Henan Education College, China); MSc Advanced Information Technology With Multimedia (London South Bank University, UK); PGDip Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (SOAS, UK)

Jane Gregory - Chinese - Ashbourne College London

Jak Kirby

BA (Silapakorn University,Thailand)

lee kirby

Jak Kirby has a BA in Applied Arts from the University of Silapakorn in her native Thailand. She worked in the advertising industry and as a television director before coming to Ashbourne. Jak began by teaching photography but has developed a flourishing Graphics Department in her ten years at the college. She is particularly interested in practical film making.

Alberto Lado Rey

(MA in Hispanic Studies (UCL), BA English Language Studies (Spain), Teachers Training Certificate (Spain)

Ashbourne College London Spanish teacher - Alberto Lado Rey

Alberto Lado Rey has a degree in English from the University of Santiago de Compestela, in his native Spain. After completing his teacher training, Alberto came to London where he started teaching at Ashbourne and other independent schools. He is an examiner for Edexcel. In addition, Alberto has recently completed an MA in Hispanic Studies at UCL. This has allowed him to pursue his interest in Spanish and Latino American culture, in particular Latin American documentary and Spanish cinema after Franco.

Caterina Lewis

MA and BA Fine Art (Central St. Martins); PGCE Art and Design (Institute of Education, University of London)

Caterina Lewis - Art - Ashbourne College LondonCaterina is a practising fine artist who has plenty of experience curating exhibitions and working with galleries. She has been teaching art and design for many years to a wide range of age groups including at GCSE and A level and joined Ashbourne’s Art Faculty in 2016.

Sahib Kaur Marwaha

LLB Law (University of Reading, UK), PDip Legal Skills (City London, UK)

Ashbourne College London Admissions Tutor - Chris Masters

Sahib graduated with LLB law (honours) at the university of Reading. She was called to the Bar as barrister having further studied at the Historic Inns of Court School of Law. Sahib is a scholar and barrister member of the prestigious Honourable Society of Middle Temple.
Prior to Joining Ashbourne, Sahib was the managing director of a legal services consultancy company where she supported regulatory bodies and firms on highly complex litigation cases.

Sahib joined Ashbourne’s popular psychology department; eager to pursue her passion for teaching and learning. This has developed from mentoring and tutoring as well interest in child rights, development and safeguarding.

Chella Nathan

BEng Hons (North London) BSc Hons (Sri Lanka) M Sc (Maths-Open)
PGCE (PCET) (Greenwich)
Mathematics and Physics

Ashbourne College London Physics and Maths teacher - Chella Nathan

Chella Nathan has a BSc in Mathematics and Physics from his native Sri Lanka and a B.Eng from London University. He has been teaching Mathematics and Physics for over twenty-five years. His research interests are number theory and the development of renewable energy sources.

Virash Patel

BSc (Hons) (CSci), CChem (FRSC)

Ashbourne College London Chemistry teacher - Virash Patel

Virash is a teacher with a vast amount of experience in the tutorial college environment. Before joining Ashbourne College, he held the roles of Director of Studies and Head of Chemistry, as well as teaching Biology and Chemistry. In addition to his teaching roles, Mr Patel has worked as an analytical chemist in industry, and was awarded a fellowship from the Royal Society of Chemistry.
He has a wide experience of tutorial and pastoral care and of preparing students for entry to schools of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and optometry. He also has a very successful track record of assisting students in gaining places to Oxford and Cambridge Universities. In addition, has given instruction and guidance to all students in implementing their UCAS applications.

Sanjay Patel

Ashbourne College London Admissions Tutor - Chris Masters

Sanjay is a part-time Computer Science teacher

Michael Peat

BD Hons, DipTheol (London) BSc Hons (Birmingham)
Religious Studies, Mathematics and Philosophy

lee kirby

Michael Peat has a very broad academic background as his first degree was in Physics. Doctoral studies in Theology took him to Philadelphia where he lived for many years and he now teaches Philosophy and Theology at Ashbourne. Philosophy, though challenging, is a particularly popular subject. Michael is a keen chess player and along with Chris Todd runs the chess club.

Katie Pettitt

MA Contemporary Art Theory and Criticism (Essex), BA English Literature and History of Art (Joint Honours) (Birmingham), PGCE (UEL)

Ashbourne College London History of Art teacher - Katie Pettitt

Katie studied History of Art and English Literature at the University of Birmingham and holds a Master’s degree in Contemporary Art Theory from the University of Essex. Katie has held various roles in the arts sector in London. These include working for the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), Anne Thorne Architects and most recently the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA), for which she collaborated with internationally acclaimed artists on innovative and high-profile art projects in and around London’s Olympic Park. Before teaching at Ashbourne, Katie established History of Art A Level at the International School of Creative Arts (ISCA), the only specialist day and boarding school run in association with University of the Arts London (UAL). She joined Ashbourne in 2012 and now teaches History of Art, Media Studies and English. Katie is passionate about engaging students’ interest and encouraging them to develop their enthusiasm for literature and art history both in and outside the classroom. Katie is also a Personal Tutor for Year 12 students. When she is not teaching, Katie is tackling the renovation project of her period home.

Harry Poole

BA Geography (London School of Economics, UK)

Ashbourne College London Admissions Tutor - Chris Masters

Lawrence Quigley

BA Hons (Fine Art Loughborough University) MA Fine Art (Royal Academy of Art (RAS), PGCE (Leeds Metropolitan University)

Lawrence is a practising Fine Artist, specializing in painting and has exhibited at many leading contemporary Galleries both in and outside London. His work is also held in many public and private collections. He has an extensive range of teaching experience and has taught and lectured at a variety of levels including A level, Foundation and on Art and Design Degree courses.

Dr Barry Rhule

Phd (London), BSc Hons (CNAA)
Theoretical Physics

Ashbourne College London Physics and Maths teacher - Barry Rhule

Dr Barry Rhule has a BSc in Mathematics and Physics from CNNA and a PhD in Physics from the University of London. He is a member of the London Mathematical Society and has been teaching Maths and Physics at Ashbourne for over ten years.

Elle Ryan

BA (Australian Catholic University, Australia), Bachelor of teaching (Australian Catholic University, Australia)

Elle Ryan - IELTS and English - Ashbourne College London

Wesley Rykalski

BA History, MA Medieval Studies (UCL)
Media Studies

Ashbourne College London Media Studies teacher Wesley Rykalski

Wesley took his BA and MA at UCL and is working on a PhD in cultural power in the early medieval world at Birbeck. Wesley writes a teaching blog on media studies ( and contributes to a joint research blog on Walter Benjamin’s Arcades Project ( and the sea-side.

Madeeha Saad

BSc Mathematical Sciences (Open Univeristy), MSc Medical Statistics (Uni of London)

Ashbourne College London Admissions Tutor - Chris Masters

Fadwa Sabbagh

Postgrad Quantity Surveying (London South Bank University),BSc Civil Engineering (Arab University of Beirut)

Fadwah Sabbagh - Arabic - Ashbourne College London

Fadwa studied Civil Engineering at the Arab University of Beirut. She is a very qualified engineer, however, she began to gain some experience in teaching in 2004. She is fluent in Italian, Arabic and English and has a good understanding of French. In 2016, Fadwa started working at Ashbourne as an Arabic teacher and used her proficiency for languages to prepare students for their A Level exams. In her spare time she enjoys travelling, working with disabled people and being an active member of her local community.

Dr Abdul Sami

BSc Hons (Pure Maths), MSc (Pure Maths) Queen Mary University of London, PhD (Algebra) Imperial College London

Ashbourne College Maths teacher - Abdul Sami

Abdul taught Pure Maths at Michigan State University for three years before returning to the UK. Then he transcribed parts of Newton’s Principia at Sussex University before joining Ashbourne College. Some of his research is published in leading journals and he has given seminars and conference speeches in the UK, USA and Germany.
Abdul enjoys cooking, long walks and day trips to small towns and villages.

Amjad Shah

MSc Learning and Teaching (Oxford), PGCE Chemistry (Oxford), BSc (Hons) Physiotherpy (UEL), BSc (Hons) Physiology, Sports Science and Nutrition (with Chemistry) (Glasgow)

Ashbourne College London Chemistry teacher - Amjad Shah

Amjad was educated in his hometown Glasgow before moving to London to study Physiotherapy. After working for various NHS trusts in London as a Chartered Physiotherapist, Amjad decided to change careers and enrolled for a PGCE at Green Templeton College, Oxford before completing a Master’s at Jesus College, Oxford. Amjad joined Ashbourne in 2010 and now combines GCSE Science teaching with A Level Chemistry and Lower Sixth Form Personal Tutoring..

Imran Shah

Bsc (Hons) in Physics (Imperial College)

Imran Shah - Physics - Ashbourne College London

Arianwen Shoring

PGCE Art/Textiles (University of Worcester, UK), MA Graphic Design (Nottingham Trent University, UK), BA Fashion Design (University of Wales, UK),

Arianwen Shoring - Textiles - Ashbourne College London

Arianwen has an MA in Graphic Design, Fashion Branding from Nottingham Trent University and a BA in Fashion Design from the University of Wales. She is an experienced Art and Fashion course leader and has been teaching A level Textiles in the private sector and for the University of Arts, London, including Central St Martins and London College of Fashion, since 2006. She has a wealth of experience in preparing student portfolios for prestigious Fashion and Textile university courses.

William Stockland

MA History of Art (University of Edinburgh)

Ashbourne College London - History of Art teacher William Stockland

Will Stockland has studied both Western and Eastern art history at the universities of Edinburgh, London and Oxford. As well as being a teacher, Will has worked in charitable fundraising, in the wine trade and as a bookseller. He has been the editor of several magazines and writes book reviews for various publications. He has many hobbies, including book collecting and snooker, and he is an active member of his local church.

Piers Tattersall

BA Music Composition (Royal Northern College of Music), MA Music Composition (Royal College of Music)

Ashbourne College London Music Teacher

Piers studied Composition at the Royal College of Music, and has worked extensively as a composer, writing many commissioned pieces. His work has been performed by the Britten Sinfonia, the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, The Composers’ Ensemble and London Children’s Ballet. Pier’s background makes him particularly suited to teaching the composition unit at A Level and GCSE. Piers also actively runs Ashbourne’s choir and music clubs.

Dina Taylor

BA English and German Philology (N. Tagil State Pedagogical Instititue, Faculty of Modern Foreign Languages, Russia), CEFR Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (Goethe-Institut Bonn, Gemany), Cambridge ESOL Level 5 (Bromley College of Further and Higher Education, UK), PGCE Modern Foreign Languages (Kent and Medway Training, Dartford UK)

Dina Taylor - Russian - Ashbourne College London

Sarah Thompson

MA (Oxford) MSc (UCL)

Ashbourne College London Music Teacher

Sarah has an MA in Human Sciences from Oxford University, and an MSc in Neuroscience from University College London. Before turning to teaching in 2010, she spent several years working in research, first at the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit in Cambridge and at the Centre for Cognitive and Neural Systems at Boston University, and has published original research papers in the fields of cognitive neuroscience and psychophysics. In her spare time, she is a folk musician and a marathon runner.

Chris Todd

BSc Hons (East Anglia), PGCE
Chemistry (HoD), Biology

Ashbourne College London Music Teacher

Chris Todd graduated from the University of East Anglia in Chemical Sciences. He worked as a research chemist in the field of semi conductors, then in investment banking before completing his PGCE at Roehampton. He has been at Ashbourne for over eight years. His particular passion is chess; he runs a team in the London Chess League and together with Michael Peat runs the Ashbourne chess club.

Ben Tso


Ben Tso - Music Tutor - Ashbourne College London

Ben was previously a student at Ashbourne and is currently studying English Literature at Kings College London. He is a very skilled piano player and now returns to Ashbourne to offer assistance in the music department

Sakae Ueno

Teacher’s Training Certificate (Japan) Japanese

lee kirby

Sakae Osakabe competed her degree and Teacher’s Training Certificate in her native Japan. She has taught Japanese for many years, in a wide range of schools and Colleges within London. Her hobbies include travel, drawing and flower arranging.

Lauren Vanderhurst

PGCE Post-Compulsory (Institute of Education UCL), MA English: Issues in Modern Culture (UCL), BA Hons English Literature, specialising in Literature and the Mind (University of California Santa Barbara)

Ashbourne College London English Literature teacher - Lauren Vanderhusrt

Lauren aims to inspire students to delve into all that English has to offer, and to ignite a passion for creative analysis. After completing a rigorous undergraduate programme in sunny California, Lauren welcomed the challenge of graduate school in a new country. Through her Master’s degree in Modern English Literature at UCL, Lauren fell in love with London and the prospect of becoming a teacher. A thorough training at the world-renowned Institute of Education and a short stint at a sixth-form college in East London brought her to us in 2014.

Michael Wilkinson

BA Politics (SOAS)
MSc Politics Sociology(Birkbeck College, University of London)

Ashbourne College London Government and Politics teacher - Michael Wilkinson

Michael Wilkinson began teaching Government and Politics at Ashbourne College in September 2009. Prior to this, he worked as a researcher at the Home Office, and thus has first-hand insight into the nature of the UK political system. Since leaving the Home Office he has been involved in freelance social research work at the University of Surrey, and he also currently tutors on some of their undergraduate courses in Sociology. Mike has a degree in Politics, an MSC Politics and Sociology and a Diploma in Applied Social Research.

Mark Youngman

BSc Biochemistry (Southampton University, UK)

Mark Youngman - Biology - Ashbourne College London

Nora Zegrir

BA English Literature and Civilisation (Unviersité Lyon III, France), MA English Literature and Civilisation (Unviersité Lyon III, France), PGCE French (University of Nottingham, UK)

Nora Zegrir - French - Ashbourne College LondonNora is a native French speaker with more than twelve years teaching experience. She loves literature and culture and believes it can bring language alive. She also speaks Spanish and has taught it to GCSE. Nora is a fan of literature, cinema and museums and loves solving crossword puzzles. She joined Ashbourne in 2016.

Admissions Staff

Christopher Masters

MA (Oxford), MA (Courtauld Inst)

Ashbourne College London Admissions Tutor - Chris Masters

Having first graduated from the University of Oxford in Law, Chris then undertook postgraduate work at the Courtauld Institute before beginning his teaching career in Law and History of Art. Chris is noteworthy for many things, not least of which is his winning personality which has won him many friends among colleagues, students, parents and representatives of many other educational institutions. Over the past few years, Chris has moved away from his teaching responsibilities at Ashbourne and has had an invaluable role in assisting Ashbourne with its admissions process and regularly travels abroad in that capacity. He is a published author of many books and articles in the field of Art History.

Suzanna Liu

BA Hons French and German, (King’s College London)

Suzanne Liu - Admissions - Ashbourne College London

Suzie studied French and German at King’s College London. Since 2014 she has worked at Ashbourne as a Visa and Admissions officer.

Marcus Loudon

BA in English and American Literature and Spanish (University of Kent)

Marcus Loudon - Admissions - Ashbourne College London

Marcus joined Ashbourne after graduating from the University of Kent with a BA in English as a second language, American Literature and Spanish.

Marcus spent a year abroad in Alicante, Spain where he studied translation along with developing his language

Administration Staff


Head of Administration

Hien Nguyen

Msc International Finance (University of Westminster), BA Account, Finance and Management (University of Nottingham)

Hien Nguyen - Administration- Ashbourne College London

Hien is in charge of our administration team, offering support to students, teachers, parents and all other contacts. Hien was born in Vietnam and graduated from The University of Nottingham in 2008, where she studied Finance, Accounting and Management. Hien is very friendly and she loves fashion and food

Deputy Head of Administration

Georgina Prichard

BA Hons Management and Marketing (Newcastle University, UK)

Georgina Prichard - Administration - Ashbourne College London

Georgina studied Management and Marketing at Newcastle University and went on to become the Head of Year and GCSE Business Studies teacher at Lansdowne College. She is currently working at Ashbourne as the Deputy Head of Administration

Head of Finance and Examinations

Nancy Bui

BSc Investment and Financial Risk Management (City University, London)

Nancy Bui - Finance and Exams - Ashbourne College London

Finance and Examinations Assistant

Ruggero Romanelli

BSc Financial Markets and Institutions (Tor Vegata, Italy)

Ruggero Romenelli - Finance and Exams - Ashbourne College London

Ruggero joined our finance and exams team in the summer of 2016. After working diligently to attain his BSc in Financial Markets and Institutions he felt his career path lay in education, exchanging Rome for London in search of a cosmopolitan atmosphere and new opportunities

Online Marketing, Premises and Communication Systems Manager

Fabio Carpene

Fabio Carpene - Facilities Manager - Ashbourne College London

A son of two Italian parents, Fabio has worked at Ashbourne since September 2005. He was initially employed as a painter and decorator, but his ability to solve complicated problems encouraged the Principal to offer him an administrative role. His current role involves being responsible for the day-to-day running of the premises and communication systems. He also has a key role in the promotion of Ashbourne through the use of the Internet. He has a keen affection for Macs and new technology, which has helped Ashbourne develop and improve its IT and Network infrastructure. He is very passionate about football, and has played for semi-professional and professional teams in the UK. He is also a coach of an under 9’s football team, which includes one of his four children.