Ashbourne Staff

One of the great things about Ashbourne is the excellent and enduring relationships between staff and students.

Principal and founder

Mike Kirby founded Ashbourne College in 1981. The college now employs a large number of teaching and operational staff.

Students are encouraged to use first names with their teachers and are not required to wear school uniform, which helps engender mutual respect and approachability.

Senior Management

Michael Kirby


MSc (London); BApSc (Toronto); MInstD

Mike Kirby founded Ashbourne College in 1981 and has since presided over its continuing academic development and growth in reputation.

Mike studied Aerospace Engineering at the University of Toronto and Statistics in London. He is a key figure in the promotion of independent education in the UK through bodies such as the Council for Independent Education (CIE). He is a former main member for the Admissions Panel for Medicine at UCL.

Mike is Head of Faculty for Maths and teaches at A level.

Lee Kirby

Director of Studies and Head of Sixth Form

Lee provides individual attention and support to each student in order to oversee and ensure their academic and personal success whilst at the college.

He collaborates with the Heads of Faculty, Personal Tutors, teachers and the Operations Team to motivate and support students in all aspects of their education so they can reach their potential.

Lee has been instrumental in building a strong and dynamic team of staff and is responsible for supporting and facilitating staff development and overall operational management of the college. He is also Ashbourne’s SENDCO and Deputy Safeguarding Lead.

Lee has a passion for all things Vietnamese and has spent much time in the country performing as a singer songwriter and professional football player. He is a qualified FA coach and has also played semi-professionally in the UK.

Senior Leadership Team - Academic

Sean Pillai

Head of Sixth Form and Careers Leader

MEng Civil Engineering with Business Management (Warwick University); QTS

As Head of Sixth Form Sean plays a very active role offering students the high levels of individual attention and support required to enable them to reach their academic potential and make the right decisions for the next stages of their lives.

Sean teaches A level Maths and Further Maths at Ashbourne and worked in investment banking before joining the college in 2015. Students benefit from his experience and guidance as well as his enthusiasm for them to thoroughly enjoy their experience at the college. He is keen sportsman, drummer and volunteers and fundraises for charities.

James Wykes

Assistant Director of Studies and Leader of Faculties

MA Modern Literatures in English (Birkbeck, University of London); BA English Literature (University of Wales); PGCE English (King’s College)

James has made an outstanding contribution to the academic development of the college, since joining in 2007. As well as leading the hugely successful English Faculty, he has been pivotal in establishing Drama as a vital part of Ashbourne’s curriculum.

James has also enriched the college’s cultural life with initiatives that have ranged from the college newspaper to very popular critical theory seminars, which he runs with Wesley Rykalski.

As Assistant Director of Studies and Leader of Faculties, James has guided and motivated countless Ashbourne students

Amy Youngman

Head of Faculty for Natural Sciences and Head of Sixth Form

BSc Neuroscience (Kings College, London); QTS

Studying Neuroscience was what first motivated Amy to share her love of science, and expertise, with others. She is particularly fascinated by human biology and immunology and, not surprisingly, does a fantastic job inspiring and enabling her students to explore and develop their own passions.

Amy joined Ashbourne in 2015 as Head of Faculty for Natural Sciences and leads Ashbourne’s Medical School Programme, providing the practical support and guidance students require to make successful applications for highly competitive university degree courses in medicine and dentistry. She draws on years of experience as head of science, teaching and as a UCL Medical School interviewer.

As Ashbourne’s Head of Sixth Form, Amy also offers students the high level of individual support and encouragement they need to ensure they find the right career pathway, achieve their academic potential and secure a place at their chosen university.

Senior Leadership Team - Operations

Fran Burns

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Master of Fine Arts (Ohio); BA History and Drama (Liverpool)

Fran plays a critical role as Ashbourne’s Designated Safeguarding Lead. She has many years experience delivering specialist programmes in student health and wellbeing and plays a key role in PSHEE education and developing policy at Ashbourne.

She believes that supporting students in all aspects of their lives is one of the key factors helping them reach their personal and academic potential.

Fran has plenty of teaching experience too and was formerly head of drama.

Fabio Carpene

IT and Facilities Manager

Fabio manages the day-to-day running of the college’s premises and communications systems. He is responsible for health and safety at the college as well as data protection and security of the college IT system.

Fabio has played a major role in the development of the college’s databases and is instrumental in the running of the college. He has been working at Ashbourne since 2005.

Fabio is passionate about football and has played professionally and semi-professionally in the UK. He manages Ashbourne’s successful Allstars Football Team.

Hien Nguyen

Head of Administration

MSc International Finance (University of Westminster); BA Account, Finance and Management (University of Nottingham)

Hien manages Ashbourne’s Administration team as well as offering support to students, teachers, parents and everyone else involved with the college.

Hien is also responsible for many aspects of the college’s compliance with current education legislation; she has played an absolutely essential role in fulfilling the college’s obligations. She also manages Ashbourne’s Easter Revision Programme.

Heads of Faculty

Ruchi Agarwal

Head of Faculty for Finance and Computing and Year 12 Personal Tutor

MA Computer Applications (MCA, India); B.Com Hons (India); ICT and Computing PGCE (Institute of Education, London)

Ruchi is Head of Faculty and a senior member of staff who has been working at Ashbourne for many years. She began teaching ICT and Computing in the UK in 2001. Ruchi continually strives to improve teaching strategies for best outcomes and is passionate about promoting Computer Science.

Dennis Fulcher

Head of Faculty for Multimedia and Social Sciences

MA Government and Political Studies (London Metropolitan University); BSc Hons Sociology (Kingston); NVQ L4 Print Journalism (Richmond Adult Community College); PGCE (Greenwich)

Dennis is a senior member of staff and has been working at Ashbourne for many years. He teaches a broad range of subjects including Politics, Film, Media, Law and Psychology. He is also a team leader for Politics A level examiners

Dennis takes a multidisciplinary approach to teaching and combines his technical expertise and years of experience to create lively and engaging classes for his students. As a result Dennis’ students consistently achieve excellent grades and rate their overall learning experience highly.

Dennis is a lifelong film enthusiast.

Alberto Lado Rey

Head of Faculty for Languages

MA Hispanic Studies (UCL); BA English Language Studies (University of Santiago de Compestela, Spain); Teachers Training Certificate (University of Santiago de Compestela, Spain)

Alberto is Faculty Head of Languages at Ashbourne and has been teaching at the college since 2000. He teaches Spanish, English Literature and Film Studies. He is also principal examiner for the Spanish AS topics and texts unit.

Alberto has a lifelong passion for film and the world of filmmaking. He specialises in national cinema – Spanish and Latin American cinema in particular – and auteur theory, especially when applied to classic Hollywood directors.

William Stockland

Head of Faculty for Culture and Society

MA History of Art (University of Edinburgh); BA Art History (University of Edinburgh)

Will teaches History of Art and leads Ashbourne’s successful Oxbridge Programme providing the practical support and guidance students require to make successful applications to Oxford or Cambridge universities.

He is passionate about sharing his own love of art and its history, having studied both Western and Eastern art history, and is the author of several art-historical publications.

Will has been teaching at Ashbourne for many years but has also taught at the Centre for Medieval & Renaissance Studies, among other places, and has assisted with research and cataloguing at the Ashmolean Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Personal Tutors

Philip Arnold

Year 12 Personal Tutor and Biology teacher

MSc Climate Science and Policy (University of Bristol); BSc Biological Sciences (University of Warwick)

Philip supports and guides year 12 students in their academic progress, welfare and personal development during their time at the college.

He is passionate about environmental issues and not only brings his research experience in this area to his Biology teaching but also in genetics and evolution, animal and plant biology, clinical microbiology and ecology.

Emily Browne

Year 12 Personal Tutor, Biology and Psychology teacher

BSc Psychology; PGCE Biology (King’s College, London)

Emily supports and guides year 12 students in their academic progress, welfare and personal development during their time at the college.

Emily’s passion for psychology and enthusiastic teaching is greatly appreciated by her students and reflected in their excellent results. She joined Ashbourne in 2017 to teach Psychology and Biology after completing her PGCE and attaining a first class degree in Psychology. She is particularly interested in biopsychology and its influence on psychopathology.

Alex Goodwin

Year 12 Personal Tutor, Chemistry teacher

BSc (Hons) Medical Science (University of Birmingham); PGDipEd (University of Birmingham)

Alex supports and guides year 12 students in their academic progress, welfare and personal development during their time at the college.

Alex brings not only his passion for science to the classroom but professional experience and expertise in chemistry and teaching. He believes students should play a pivotal role in their own learning success and has been teaching the subject for more than four years with great results.

Katie Pettitt

Year 12 Personal Tutor and History of Art teacher

MA Contemporary Art Theory and Criticism (Essex); BA English Literature and History of Art (Joint Honours) (Birmingham); PGCE (UEL)

Katie supports and guides year 12 students in their academic progress, welfare and personal development during their time at the college.

Katie has been teaching History of Art and English at Ashbourne for many years. She is passionate about engaging students’ interest and encouraging them to develop their enthusiasm for literature and art history both in and outside the classroom.

She has played various roles in the arts sector in London, including working for the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), Anne Thorne Architects and the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA), for which she collaborated with internationally acclaimed artists on innovative and high-profile art projects in and around London’s Olympic Park.

Before teaching at Ashbourne, Katie established History of Art A level at the International School of Creative Arts (ISCA), the only specialist day and boarding school run in association with University of the Arts London (UAL).


Elle Ryan

12 Personal Tutor and English teacher

BA Theology and History with English Literature, Philosophy and Media (Australian Catholic University)

Elle supports and guides year 12 students in their academic progress, welfare and personal development during their time at the college.

Elle draws on a broad range of fields including history, theology, philosophy and media to enrich and help contextualise English language and literature for her students. She has an excellent rapport with her English students and those in her personal tutor groups who she encourages to develop their own strategies and structures for effective learning making them stakeholders in their own success.

Elle has been teaching for more than ten years first in Australia and the UK. She also teaches IELTS at the college.

Teaching Staff

Benvinda Alves

French teacher

BA Applied Foreign Languages, English and French Literature (University of Nanterre, Paris); BA Portuguese, Society and Culture (University of Lisbon); PGCE Modern Foreign Languages (University of North London)

Benvinda has been teaching French at Ashbourne since 2016. Prior to joining she taught French and Portuguese at the London School of Economics and Political Science and was also an examiner for OCR.

Benvinda is from Nanterre in Paris and is bilingual in French and Portuguese, with spoken Italian and Spanish. As well as being a lifelong learner of languages, she is also fascinated by Francophone and Lusophone Africa.

Jack Bagness

Maths and Physics teacher

MSc Physics (Imperial College London); BSc Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology (Lancaster University)

Jack is a first class physicist and teaches Maths and Physics at Ashbourne. He is keen to share his expertise, enthusiasm and drive to help and inspire students to achieve the very best results possible. Jack also has experience working with Oxbridge applicants.

Jack loves cricket. He’s a qualified coach and has played for Lancaster University and Imperial College.

Cristiana Botigella

Italian teacher

MA Cultural Policies (London City Univerisity); BA Italian Literature and Contemporary Art (Milan Catholic University)

Cristiana has been teaching Italian at Ashbourne for many years and draws on her love of contemporary literature and art for inspiration in her classes. She has experience teaching in Germany, Austria and Italy with students studying a variety of levels.

Joanna Budden

History teacher

BA History (Leeds); PGCE (Manchester Metropolitan University)

Joanna has been teaching history at Ashbourne for many years. She offers her students excellent levels of individual attention and a thorough exam-based approach to the subject as she is also an Edexcel examiner.

Joanna taught overseas before joining the college in 2010. She is a keen traveller and loves the great outdoors.

Gerardo Carballo

Spanish teacher

MA Film Studies (UCL); MA Foreign Languages applied to Business (University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain); CAP (teacher training) (Instituto de Ciencias de la Educacion, Spain); BA English and Film Studies (University of Wolverhampton); BA English Philology (University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain)

Gerardo has a passion for Spanish and Latin American cinema and enjoys creating bespoke teaching materials in culture, film and politics for his students.

Gerardo has been teaching Spanish for many years including at Kings College London, City University and the Cervantes Institute, London.


George Chaldezos

Classical Civilisation teacher

BA Hons (University of Thessaloniki); BA Hons (Cologne); PhD study (Cambridge); PGCE (London)

George teaches Latin, Greek and Classical Civilisation, and has been head of Ashbourne’s Classics department since 2003. He is a member of the Association for Latin Teaching and is an assistant examiner for the OCR exam board and the Cambridge Pre-U.

Nick Cheeseman

Art teacher

MA Fine Art (Chelsea College of Arts, UAL); BA Hons Fine Art (Staffordshire University); PGCE Art and Design (Bath Spa University)

Nick brings a wealth of experience and passion for teaching art to Ashbourne. He is a practising artist who has exhibited his work across the UK and has been teaching for more than seven years. He has also been an Edexcel exam moderator for GCSE and A level. Nick joined the college in 2016.

Richard Clark

Maths teacher

Maths integrated masters (Bath University); PGCE Secondary Maths (Oxford University)

Richard has experience teaching Maths from pre-GCSE level all the way up to first year undergraduate. He has taught in both state and private sector schools in the UK and Australia. Richard also worked as a software developer for a company providing services for major UK retailers. He currently teaches GCSE and A level Maths at Ashbourne.

John Curran

Economics teacher

MA Economics Education (Institute of Education, University of London); BA (Hons) Economics; EdD Policy, Research and Professional Practice (London Metropolitan University)

John taught Economics at London Metropolitan University for 35 years before joining Ashbourne in 2015. He is the author of Taking the Fear Out of Economics, an introductory text for A level and first year degree students.

In his free time John likes to run, play the piano and garden. All of which he does slowly. He supports Celtic and West Ham.

Rupinder Dhillon

Maths teacher

BSC Industrial and Natural Resource Chemistry (Brunel); PGCE (Brunel)

Rupinder has been teaching Maths at Ashbourne for many years. She combines her love for teaching  with a commitment to encourage an uncompromising work ethic amongst her students.

Rupinder worked as an analytical chemist for several companies including SGS and Oxford Agricultural Services before coming to teaching.


Philip Ellis-Martin

Maths teacher

BA (Hons) Mathematics (Warwick University); PGCE Secondary Mathematics (University of East London)

Phil has a first class degree in Maths with experience teaching the subject up to A level.

He is also a session musician on drums and bass and has his own band.

Olivia Gillman

Drama teacher

BA Education with English and Drama (Cambridge University); Undergraduate Foundation in English Literature (Oxford University; dept for continuing eduction)

Liv brings her love and experience of theatre and comedy to Ashbourne drama students.

She is an actor, director and drama teacher with ten years’ industry experience. She was the Artistic Director for theatre at The In The Woods Festival for five years, receiving coverage in publications including The Evening Standard and Teen Vogue and working alongside producer Tom Bevan (SIX The Musical). As actor, she has worked with directors including Dirk Maggs (BBC/Baker St) and as panellist, has been invited to speak alongside Sir Trevor Nunn. She has worked as a producer on films featuring Ruth Wilson, Jude Law and The Belarus Free Theatre. Whilst at Cambridge, Olivia was nominated for the Footlights’ Writing Prize.

Jak Kirby

Graphics teacher

BA in Applied Arts (Photography) (Silapakorn University, Thailand)

Jak has helped develop a flourishing graphics department within the Art Faculty at Ashbourne over the many years she has been teaching at the college. She is a photographer, loves film production and has a wealth of experience working in the advertising industry and as a television director in Thailand.


George Kontos

Computer Science teacher

MRes Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence (University of Sussex); PGCE (University of Brighton); BEng Electronic Engineering (University of Surrey)

George teaches Computer Science and leads Ashbourne’s Engineering Programme providing the practical support and guidance students require to make successful applications for competitive engineering degree courses.

George has extensive experience as a computer scientist in the private sector developing and testing software as well as teaching software and games development, programming and lecturing in Computer Science. He is fluent in a wide range of programming languages, and is bilingual in English and Greek.

Caterina Lewis

Art teacher

MA and BA Fine Art (Central St. Martins); PGCE Art and Design (Institute of Education, University of London)

Caterina is a practising fine artist who has plenty of experience curating exhibitions and working with galleries. She has been teaching art and design for many years to a wide range of age groups including at GCSE and A level and joined Ashbourne’s Art Faculty in 2016.

Adam McMaster

Economics teacher

BSc Economics and Political Science (University of Birmingham)

Adam teaches Economics and leads Ashbourne’s Finance Programme, designed to give students the best chance of gaining a place at top UK universities to study Finance and related subjects.

Adam presents economics as a tool to explain the successes and failures of modern society and illustrates how better understanding of theory could propose solutions to such failures. He’s keen on the development and history of economic schools of thought, and closely follows the microeconomic changes in the housing market and higher education.

Chella Nathan

Maths and Physics teacher

MSc Mathematics (The Open University); PGCE (University of Greenwich); BEng (Hons) Electronics and Communication (University of North London); BSc Physics, Pure Mathematics and Statistics (University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka)

Chella has been teaching Mathematics and Physics for more than twenty five years. Year after year he remains one of Ashbourne’s most popular Maths teachers. He has also headed up the college’s astro-physics club for many years.

Chella’s research interests are number theory and the development of renewable energy sources.

Virash Patel

Chemistry teacher

BSc (Hons) (CSci), CChem (FRSC)

Virash has been teaching at Ashbourne for many years. Before joining the college he held the roles of Director of Studies and Head of Chemistry, as well as teaching Biology and Chemistry. In addition to his teaching roles, Virash has worked as an analytical chemist in industry, and was awarded a fellowship from the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Virash helps prepare students for entry onto medicine related courses, as well as Oxbridge and offers instruction and guidance to students in their UCAS applications.

Michael Peat

Philosophy teacher

BD Hons, DipTheol (London); BSc Hons (Birmingham) Religious Studies, Mathematics and Philosophy

Michael has been teaching Philosophy at Ashbourne for many years now and enjoys a philosophical debate with anyone and everyone. Students benefit from his research, enthusiasm and knowledge.

Michael has a broad academic background with his first degree in Physics. He did doctoral studies in methodology and hermeneutics in Philadelphia and returned to lecture to under- and postgraduate students in the UK.

Michael is also a keen chess player and runs Ashbourne’s club with Chris Todd who teaches Chemistry.

Leona Potter

Psychology teacher

BSc Psychology (Leeds University)

Leona was a former Head of Psychology and Forensic Science and has many years experience teaching in state and private sector education. She is also a qualified AQA examiner. Leona teaches A level Psychology at Ashbourne.

Leona loves snow and surf and is a ski instructor and competitive wakeboarder. She also rides horses, is a keen travel photographer and textile designer.

Dr Barry Rhule

Maths and Physics teacher

PhD (London); BSc Hons (CNAA) Mathematics, Physics

Barry has been teaching Maths and Physics at Ashbourne for many years and is traditionally one of our most popular tutors, well-liked and respected thanks to his engaging personality. He has a profound knowledge of Physics and has been an inspiration for many of our students who have gone on to study at Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College London.

Barry is a member of the London Mathematical Society.

Wesley Rykalski

History teacher

MA Medieval Studies (UCL); BA History (UCL)

Wesley teaches History and co-runs a very popular weekly Critical Theory seminar with James Wilkes, English teacher and Head of Faculties. Wesley is also responsible for research development for teaching at the college.

Madeeha Saad

Maths teacher

MSc Medical Statistics (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, University of London); BSc (Hons) Mathematical Sciences (Open Univeristy); BSc Mathematics (Government Kinnaird College Women, Pakistan)

Madeeha teaches Maths and Further Maths at Ashbourne. She has been teaching Maths for many years and has also been an assistant examiner for Edexcel.

In her spare time Madeena plays badminton, loves cooking and keeps up to date with current affairs and world development issues.

Dr Abdul Sami

Maths teacher

PhD Algebra (Imperial College London); MSc Pure Maths (Queen Mary University of London); BSc (Hons) Pure Maths

Abdul has been teaching at Ashbourne for many years. He taught Pure Maths at Michigan State University for three years and transcribed parts of Newton’s Principia at Sussex University before joining Ashbourne College. Some of his research is published in leading journals and he has given seminars and conference speeches in the UK, USA and Germany.

Abdul enjoys cooking, long walks and day trips to small towns and villages.

Imran Shah

Maths and Physics teacher

BSc (Hons) Physics (Imperial College London)

Imran has been teaching Maths and Physics at Ashbourne for many years.

Imran is a keen sportsman and takes promotes a better understanding of science in society.

Stefania Spinu

Economics teacher

MA Economic Policy and Analysis, Economics of Sustainable Development (University of Nantes, France); BA Economics (University of Bucharest ASE); PGCE Economics (Institute of Education, UCL)

Stefania specialises in economic analysis, and environmental and sustainable economics. She is also an Edexcel examiner for Economics.

Stefania loves painting and clay modelling, music and cinema, aquariums and space. She’s also a runner.

Peter Stanton

Physics and Science teacher

BSc Physics (Imperial College London); BSc History and Philosophy of Science (UCL); PGCE Secondary Science with Physics

Peter has more than ten years experience teaching GCSE sciences and A level Physics in London and as head of year in Brazil where he was also responsible for rolling out a teaching programme on the theory of knowledge.

Sarah Thompson

Psychology teacher

MA Human Sciences (Oxford University); MSc Neuroscience (UCL)

Sarah brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to her lessons inspiring her students to engage fully with the subject and achieve success in the exams. She joined Ashbourne in September 2014. Before turning to teaching in 2010, she spent several years working in research, first at the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit in Cambridge and at the Centre for Cognitive and Neural Systems at Boston University, and has published original research papers in the fields of cognitive neuroscience and psychophysics.

Chris Todd

Chemistry teacher

BSc Hons Chemical Sciences (East Anglia); PGCE Chemistry (Roehampton); HoD Biology

Chris has been at Ashbourne for many years. He is a demanding but popular and successful teacher. Prior to teaching Chris worked as a research chemist in the field of semi conductors, then in investment banking before taking his PGCE.

Chris’ particular passion is chess; he runs a team in the London Chess League and together with Michael Peat runs the Ashbourne chess club.


Sakae Ueno

Japanese teacher

Teacher Training Certificate in Japanese  (Japan)

Sakae has been teaching Japanese for many years in a wide range of schools and colleges within London.

Sakae’s hobbies include travel, drawing and flower arranging.

Lauren Vanderhurst Moorley

English teacher

MA English: Issues in Modern Culture (University College London); BA (Hons) English Literature (University of California); PGCE (Institute of Education, UCL)

Lauren’s love and enthusiasm for English inspires her students to find their own passion and embrace all that the subject has to offer. She is one of Ashbourne’s most encouraging and effective teachers who has played a full and active role in the college’s academic and cultural life since joining in 2014.

Michael Wilkinson

Politics teacher

MSc Politics Sociology (Birkbeck College, University of London); BA Politics (SOAS)

Michael has been teaching at Ashbourne for many years. He previously worked as a researcher at the Home Office gaining first-hand insight into the nature of the UK political then he has been involved in freelance social research work at the University of Surrey, and he tutors on some of their undergraduate courses in Sociology.

Yat-Soon Yeo

Music teacher

MA Music, Historical Musicology (King’s College, London); BA Music (King’s College, London); PGCE Harpiscord and Conducting (Guildhall School of Music and Drama); PCGE Secondary Music (Institute of Education, University of London)

Yat-Soon is a professional musician, conductor and musical director who has performed extensively as a solo harpsichordist and in ensembles at many prestigious and historic venues in the UK and Europe. He has also conducted widely acclaimed productions of baroque opera and vocal music including for the London Baroque Opera and is musical director with Opéra de Baugé in France.

Yat-Soon has been sharing his love of music and wealth of professional and educational experience for many years as teacher and director of music at schools, including St Paul’s Girls and Lady Eleanor Holles, and Birmingham University.

Mark Youngman

Biology teacher

BSc (Hons) Biochemistry (Southampton University)

Mark teaches Science and Biology at Ashbourne. He has been teaching since 2011 and was head of Biology at his previous college.

Mark is a qualified tennis coach, keen cricketer and loves a visit to the zoo.


Suzanna Liu

Deputy Head of Admissions and Finance Officer

BA (Hons) French and German (King’s College London)

Suzanna is responsible for finance and all applications and admissions to the college as well as managing overseas visa requirements and working with educational agents worldwide. She also produces marketing materials for the college. Suzanna joined Ashbourne in 2014.

Marcus Loudon

Deputy Head of Admissions and Administration

BA (Hons) English and American Literature and Spanish (University of Kent)

Marcus assists with the welfare of the students, manages agent relations as well as overseeing students from Europe and Turkey. He also currently helps coordinate administration at the college.

He joined Ashbourne after graduating from university. He spent a year abroad in Alicante, Spain, where he studied translation along with developing his language skills.

Marcus loves literature and languages, and speaks Spanish and English, and moderate German and Italian.

Anh Nguyen

Deputy Head of Admissions and Marketing Officer

BA (Hons) Graphics Design New Media (University for the Creative Arts)

Anh plays a main role in recruiting and welcoming new students to Ashbourne. She works closely with overseas agents to promote and facilitate student enrolment and often represents the college at recruitment events. She creates marketing materials and manages social media.

Anh loves world cuisine, performing arts and languages. She is fluent in English, Vietnamese and French.


Kevin Chik


BA (Hons) Tourism and Hospitality Management (London South Bank University)

Kevin is one of the first people to welcome you when you arrive at Ashbourne’s Old Court Place premises. He works as a college administrator at reception. His previous experience is in hospitality and education, having worked at Imperial College London and the Ritz London, a 5-Star hotel in Mayfair.

Kevin speaks fluent English and Cantonese, with conversational Mandarin. He enjoys the countryside and often goes on circular walks.  

Mani Giri

Compliance and Registration Officer

BA (Hons) Business Management (Glyndwyr University)

Mani works closely with staff and students to help manage the registration process and meet compliance requirements. He previously worked in human resources within the care sector.

Mani is interested in culture and language and is involved in volunteering and fundraising.

Christina Kuo


MA Comparative Literature (UCL); BA English Language and Literature (Soochow University, Taiwan)

Christina is a member of Ashbourne’s Administration team. She plays an active role within the Ashbourne community to help make students’ experience at the college both rewarding and fulfilling.

Christina has experience in publishing, marketing and translation and speaks English and Mandarin Chinese.

Tracy Nwokoma

Careers and Event Officer, PA to Director of Studies

MSc Global Health Policy (London School of Economics and Political Science); BSc Biomedical Sciences (University of Westminster)

Tracy organises career and academic events including sixth form trips, activities, student honour roll and the student council. She is involved with student transition by facilitating UCAS applications and the Ashbourne Careers Programme. Tracy also works with the Director of Studies to facilitate marketing in Nigeria, in addition to providing academic support and personal tutoring.

Linh Pham


DBA Business (University of West of Scotland); MBA Business (Coventry University)

Linh is a member of Ashbourne’s Administrative team. She has a keen interest in business, market research and has previous experience working at Royal Ascot. She loves cooking, music and yoga.

Juliana Rozensztajn de Mattos

MUN Club Facilitator

Access to HE Humanities

Juliana runs Ashbourne’s Model United Nations (MUN) Club. Members of this club prepare for and take part in the annual Youth Model United Nations Conference at the London School of Economics (LSE), which simulates the proceedings and debates within the United Nations. Students learned about diplomacy, leadership and communicating effectively as a team through various committee sessions in which they aimed to construct resolutions for current global issues.

Simone Shaw

SEND Assessor and Nominated Safeguarding Director

Diploma French (Institut Francais du Royaume Universite); SPLD Diploma (Hornsby International Dyslexia Institute)

Simone is a dyslexia tutor and specialist assessor qualified to carry out the Access Arrangements tests for examination concessions. Simone is responsible for ensuring all Form 8s, required for Access Arrangements, are processed for SEND applications. Simone is the Nominated Safeguarding Director, responsible for overseeing the management and adherence to safeguarding policies and procedures at the college.

Marita Thomas

Administrator and Academic Support

BSc Psychology (Queen Mary’s, University of London)

Marita works with the Director of Studies to offer academic support to Ashbourne’s psychology students, she coordinates the college’s summer programmes and is part of the wider administration team. Marita has plenty of Ashbourne experience and enthusiasm, being a former student. She has always played an active part in college life and performance of all kinds, including debate.

Sean Yip


BSc Exercise and Sport Science (University of Exeter)

Sean is responsible for a wide range of clerical and administrative duties at Ashbourne largely at our Old Court Place premises.

Sean loves football, plays violin and took part in London Youth Games 2010.

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