College Revue at Ashbourne College

Every year students and staff from across the college come together to create and perform the very popular Ashbourne Revue, showcasing their skills and talents in art, fashion, music, dance and drama. 

This spectacular event, which takes place at Christmas, has been running for more than two decades and was originally set up by the art department as a fashion show. Today’s performances include acting, comedy, cultural display, drumming ensembles, fashion catwalks, football skills, graphic design, musical performance, modern dance, traditional dance and much more. The show usually pulls in a huge audience.

The Revue is a real highlight of the college year and for many students it is the outstanding and memorable experience of their time at Ashbourne.

Ashbourne College Revue Videos

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Ashbourne Revue 2018

Ashbourne Revue 2017

Ashbourne Revue 2016

Ashbourne Revue 2015

Ashbourne Revue 2014