GCSE Subjects

Design your own individual learning programme that will take you all the way to finishing your A levels.

Excellent progression to A level

Ashbourne’s flexible GCSE programme enables you choose which courses to take and when in order to meet your interests and goals. This includes designing a three or four year programme that will take you all the way to finishing your A levels. Our A level students consistently achieve outstanding exam results, with more than half attaining A*A grades and almost 60% going on to Russell Group universities.

GCSE core subjects

Core subjects are always taught in the first year of GCSE as they are foundational for A level study.

English Language (Edexcel)
Discover how language can shape our everyday lives. Through lively classroom discussions and by examining contemporary forms of text and spoken word you will learn how to analyse and interpret the constant flow of information around you. You will be encouraged to embrace your creativity through writing and explore how to express ideas fluently and effectively by our passionate, expert teachers. Find out more.

English Literature (Edexcel)
Explore drama, poetry and prose in a lively and engaging classroom environment. Experience a range of theatre and take advantage of the many opportunities to perform your own work, including at Ashbourne’s annual Revue which showcases students’ artistic talents. Ashbourne has a vibrant English Faculty whose teachers are passionate about their subject. Find out more.

Mathematics (Edexcel)
Ashbourne’s Maths Faculty is home to a fantastic team of specialist Maths teachers who enable our students to consistently achieve outstanding results. At Ashbourne, Maths is viewed as a key subject equipping students with vital skills they will be able to carry with them throughout their lives. Find out more.

Science Double Award (Edexcel)
You will get a thorough grounding in Biology, Chemistry and Physics in the GCSE Science course at Ashbourne, which will prepare you to continue any of these subjects at A level. You will explore a wide range of topics within each subject, receive plenty of practical experience and discuss pressing global issues related to science. Find out more.

GCSE optional subjects

Ashbourne offers a selection of optional GCSE subjects.

Art & Design (AQA)
Experience a fantastic variety of art and design activities from fine art, print-making, 3D design and textiles. You will learn a wide range of skills, explore new ideas and experiment with different techniques to build up a successful portfolio of work. Closely guided by our tutors, you will choose a project topic to develop that is directed by your own needs, aspirations and exploration. Find out more.

Computer Science (OCR)
Computer Science is an exciting and creative subject at Ashbourne. With expert tuition and guidance you will develop the technical understanding, skills and language to create computer-based solutions and programs with practical, real-world applications. You will use the latest iMacs and will become familiar with the industry-standard programming languages including Python, Javascript, HTML and CSS. Find out more.

Drama (AQA)
Ashbourne’s dynamic Drama department provides fantastic opportunities for you to write and perform your own material, direct and design and try out a diverse range of theatre styles such as physical theatre, ensemble storytelling and puppetry. You will also get to meet and work with professional actors and companies such as the acclaimed theatre groups Frantic Assembly and Complicité. Find out more.

Economics (OCR)
Learn why prices fluctuate, where taxes go, how government legislation can push people to change their spending habits (or not), why some companies dominate their market, how global or societal changes like climate change and ageing can have an impact on a country’s economy, why people fight for resources and why certain economies grow faster than others. Economics is the study of the allocation of scare resources between competing uses. Find out more.

French (Edexcel)
Ashbourne’s thriving Language Faculty has a fantastic team of enthusiastic and expert teachers. Immerse yourself in the language so you can quickly build confidence and fluency. We use a wide range of materials and take your needs and interests into consideration in order to help you engage in the themes we cover. Find out more.

History (AQA)
Travel back more than 800 years, from the signing of the Magna Carter to Elizabethan England and end up with the Second World World, exploring how the events, people and ideas of the past that have shaped our world today. You will need to use your detective skills to analyse, evaluate and interpret a wide range of sources so you can build a picture of the past and debate the issues from differing views. Find out more.

Music (Edexcel)
You will have fantastic opportunities not only to explore a wide range of musical styles and contexts but also to share and develop your own ideas through composition and performance in the many and varied events we organise throughout the year. This provides you with the chance to put your knowledge and skills into practice and gives you a taste of life as a profession musician. Find out more.

Spanish (Edexcel)
Ashbourne has a vibrant Language Faculty made up of experienced and enthusiastic teachers. You will quickly build confidence and fluency through immersive language teaching and a wide range of materials selected to suit your needs and interests. Find out more.

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