GCSE French

Why study GCSE French

France has an extensive network of cultural centres around the world that offer french language courses helping to make it one of the most widely spoken languages. It is one of the official languages used at the United Nations and European Union institutions as well as many other inter-governmental and non-governmental organisations worldwide. French companies operating across the world provide jobs in a wide range of fields including industry, media, sport and tourism, for example.

Learning GCSE French not only develops your communication and thinking skills it broadens your perspective and gives you the chance to explore a different culture. You will also find it easier to go on to learn other latin-based Romance Languages like Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

GCSE French at Ashbourne

Ashbourne’s thriving Language Faculty has a fantastic team of enthusiastic and expert teachers. You will be encouraged to immerse yourself in the language so you can quickly build confidence and fluency. We use a wide range of materials and take into consideration your needs and interests to help you engage in the themes we cover.

Students are invited to join Ashbourne’s lunchtime French Club to practise speaking and have the opportunity to visit the local Institut français (French cultural centre), which offers a great selection of films, arts, theatre and talks.

Which syllabus do we follow?
Ashbourne follows the Edexcel specification for GCSE French (higher tier)

Who teaches this course?
Benvinda Alves
Maîtrise Lettres et Civilisations Étrangères, journalistic translation (University of Nanterre, Paris); PGCE, French, Spanish and Portuguese (University of North London)

Benvinda joined Ashbourne in July 2016. She is an experienced teacher who has taught French in a variety of establishments including King’s College and the London School of Economics. She is an avid learner of languages, and very keen runner.

What is covered in this course?

The five themes covered in this course are:

  • Identity and culture: explore a wide range of issues relating to Identity and culture in France and worldwide. How well do you get on with your parents? What makes a good friendship? What and how do you celebrate? How does social media affect your life? What’s the best football team in the European Championship?
  • Local area, holiday and travel: Prepare yourself for a trip to the South of France: find your own accommodation, discover how to get about, where to go and what to see. Discuss your holiday preferences, experiences and places you would love to visit.
  • School: get a taste of what school is like in France by examining the french education system and everyday school life.
  • Future aspirations, study and work: explore the different lexicons for use in the workplace, meeting people and travel. You will discuss your plans and ambitions for future study and employment.
  • International and global: debate topics of the day and develop your opinions and arguments on a wide variety of issues from sport and music to campaigning and the environment.

These themes are explored in the context of the four language skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing.

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