GCSE Art and Design

Why study GCSE Art and Design

Art is a visual language that allows us to communicate ideas, convey mood and tell stories. Not only will you learn the skills and techniques to produce powerful artwork, you will also discover creative and fun ways to explore and express your ideas.

Studying GCSE Art and Design carves the way for further studies involving creative problem solving and offers an excellent career pathway into art, architecture, fashion, interior design and design.

GCSE Art and Design at Ashbourne

GCSE Art and Design students experience a fantastic variety of art and design activities from fine art, print-making, 3D design and textiles. You will learn a wide range of skills, explore new ideas and experiment with different techniques to build up a successful portfolio of work. Closely guided by our tutors, you choose a project topic to develop that is directed by your own needs, aspirations and exploration.

World-class galleries and exhibitions
The college is in a superb location close to many of the outstanding exhibitions and galleries London has to offer, such as The National Gallery, the Design Museum and the Royal Academy of Art. Going to art exhibitions can be inspirational and is a great resource for primary research.

Prestigious art schools
Ashbourne A level Art and Design students often go on to study at prestigious art and design universities in London and the UK. The many career opportunities include product design, fashion, illustration, animation, interior design, jewellery, furniture, set design, painting, sculpting, printmaking, to name just a few! New technologies are creating a whole new range of courses and careers in which art is being used in immersive, innovative and exciting ways.

Which syllabus do we follow?
Ashbourne follows the AQA specification for GCSE Art and Design.

What is covered in the course?

Ashbourne students follow the Art, Craft and Design programme for GCSE Art and Design. Students build up a portfolio of work developed in response to a subject, theme, task or brief. This constitutes 60% of the overall mark. They also carry out an externally set assessment (40%) on a chosen title.

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