A level scholarships at Ashbourne

Ashbourne College will be holding Drama and Music Scholarship auditions on Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th November. For further information about the scholarships please read below then contact the college if you would like to apply.

Ashbourne is a private fee-paying college. We offer scholarships to highly academically gifted students who would otherwise be unable to afford to take up a place. Please check Ashbourne College fees.

The college offers a limited number of scholarships to students who have the ability to comfortably achieve the top grades. Our A level scholarship fund makes awards each year principally for performing arts places in Music and Drama. We interview all candidates, some of whom may be asked to sit a relevant test or participate in an audition.

Ashbourne also takes into account personal statements, participation in school activities, positions of responsibility, hobbies, interests and achievements outside of school, as well as ambition.

Scholarships are usually awarded up to 50 percent of the published fees.

A level scholarships offered

A level scholarship terms and conditions

Award winners will still be required to pay examination fees, practical fees and other such incidental fees and expenses associated with their studies at Ashbourne.

Our expectations are high and we believe that A level scholarship winners will fulfil their potential if they adhere to the following:

  1. always be punctual and attend all your classes and tutorials
  2. complete all work on time
  3. contribute to college life beyond the classroom
  4. have a positive attitude towards your studies
  5. have a proactive attitude towards college events and excursions
  6. comply with Ashbourne rules on behaviour
  7. always be courteous and polite
Verena Koay - Ashbourne College London

We have been fortunate to accept exceptional students on scholarship in the past and have been very pleased with their performance. However, we reserve the right to withdraw scholarships at any time if a scholarship student’s:

  1. academic performance is consistently below what we judge is their potential
  2. attendance level does not meet Ashbourne’s requirements
  3. behaviour is detrimental to Ashbourne College, teachers, staff, students and themselves.


To apply or find out more information please get in touch.