Scholarships Programme

Ashbourne offers scholarships to gifted and talented students who will benefit from the high quality tuition, individual attention and support we provide.

Gifted and talented students

The Ashbourne Scholarships Programme offers a limited number of scholarship places particularly for Drama and Music.

Scholarships may range from 10% to 100% of tuition fees.

We carefully assess each student’s application and consider personal statements, participation in school activities, positions of responsibility, hobbies, interests and achievements outside of school, as well as ambition.

Applicants are asked to attend auditions, interviews and take written tests depending on the scholarship they apply for.

Scholarship requirements

All applicants must meet the requirements:

  • Strong academic potential.
  • Strong oral and written English.
  • Excellent audition, where relevant.

Applicants should also demonstrate:

  • An independent and pro-active approach to their career and education.
  • The ability to think critically.
  • A history of participation in school activities.
  • Previously holding a position of responsibility at their former school or college.
  • A range of hobbies, interests and achievements outside of school.
  • Ambition in their education and personal life.

Ashbourne offers a level of constituency and high standard of teaching that sets anyone up to perform well. Ashbourne really does try to put the student first and allows them to be the driver of their future.

Joy was elected Student President during her time at Ashbourne.


Students applying for Music and Drama scholarships will be required to attend auditions.

Each student will be assigned a 15 minute slot where they will perform in front of a panel and asked questions about their performance.

  • All performances should be around 1-2 minutes in length.
  • Drama applicants should prepare a monologue from an established dramatic text.
  • Music applicants should prepare a piece of at least Grade 6 ABRSM standard or above.
  • Students who are doing both Drama and Music will do their audition consecutively in the same slot.

Where auditions take place
Students should come to the college’s main building:

17 Old Court Place,
W8 4PL

Nearest tube station – High Street Kensington (District & Circle line)

The outcome
Students need to complete the audition as well as attend an interview and take some admissions tests before decisions are finalised. Scholarships will be awarded on a first come first serve basis and therefore it is best to have your interview and complete the tests prior to the audition.

Talented musicians

Verena received a Music Scholarship to study at Ashbourne. After graduating she went on to study Instrumental Performance at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.

I had the best two years of my life as an A level student at Ashbourne. Not only did Ashbourne prepare me extremely well for the A level exams, the music opportunities I was exposed to during my time really helped to develop myself into a better musician.

Scholarship graduate

Charli created some exceptional and creative work during her time at the college.

She won the WJEC Eduqas Moving Image Awards Best Short Film ‘8’ and overall winner and composed and performed her own music.

Charli achieved grade A in A level Music, Film and English Literature.

My experience of being a Music scholarship student at Ashbourne exceeded all my expectations. My passion and drive for Music was matched and encouraged through the exceptional teaching the college offers.

Scholarship terms and conditions

Ashbourne is a private fee-paying college. Please check the fees before making an application. Scholarship award winners will still be required to pay examination fees, practical fees and other such incidental fees and expenses associated with their studies at the college.

Ashbourne holds high expectations for all of our students. We believe that our scholarship winners will fulfil their potential if they adhere to the following:

  1. Always be punctual and attend all your classes and tutorials.
  2. Complete all work on time.
  3. Contribute to college life beyond the classroom.
  4. Have a positive attitude towards your studies.
  5. Have a proactive attitude towards college events and excursions.
  6. Comply with Ashbourne rules on behaviour.
  7. Always be courteous and polite.

We have been fortunate to accept exceptional students on scholarship in the past and have been very impressed with their performance. However, we reserve the right to withdraw scholarships at any time if a scholarship student’s:

  1. academic performance is consistently below what we judge is their potential.
  2. attendance level does not meet Ashbourne’s requirements.
  3. behaviour is detrimental to Ashbourne College, teachers, staff, students and themselves.

Apply for a scholarship

If you wish to apply for a scholarship please contact the Admissions team to book an interview and complete the admissions requirements.

Please contact [email protected], call +44 (0) 20 7937 3858 or submit the enquiry form below to begin the application process.

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