Scholarship Policy

Scholarship Policy

1. Aims

The aims of this policy are:

  • To ensure prospective candidates are clear about Ashbourne’s criteria and procedure for awarding scholarships.
  • To clarify the expectations of scholarship students during their studies at Ashbourne.
  • To explain the different bands of scholarships that Ashbourne offers to students.
  • To clarify renewal of scholarship procedures and how existing students can gain a scholarship.

2. Application

Each year Ashbourne offers a limited number of scholarships to students. To apply for a scholarship a student must declare their interest when making their initial application. All prospective students must complete the specified admissions procedures as set out within the Admissions Policy

Scholarship students should also demonstrate:

  • An ambition to gain entry to a top ranking University.
  • A clear plan for their future beyond A-Level studies.
  • The academic ability to gain at least an A grade in each of their chosen A-level subjects.

3. Awards

Ashbourne offers a range of scholarships usually within the following bands:

  • Band 5 – 100%
  • Band 4 – 50%
  • Band 3 – 40%
  • Band 2 – 25%
  • Band 1 – 15%

Any applications for scholarships in Band 5 are awarded on a case-by-case basis.

Ashbourne may, at its discretion, award a scholarship outside of the defined bands. If a student has received a scholarship that falls between two bands, the lower band will apply. For example, if a student is awarded a 35% scholarship, they will be deemed a Band 2 scholar.

4. Conditions

Students will only be considered for a scholarship if they have the academic ability to gain AAA or higher in Year 13 examinations.

Students who receive a Band 3, 4 or 5 scholarship must have demonstrated the ability to attain a minimum of A*A*A* in Year 13 exams.

5. Expectations

Scholarship students are held to a higher behavioural standard and are therefore expected to set an example for the rest of the student body to follow. In general, Ashbourne will award a scholarship for the duration of a student’s course at the College. However, the College reserves the right to withdraw scholarships if a student fails to adhere to the rules and expectations set out within the Student Behaviour and Attendance Policy. Of particular importance are the following:

  1. Attend all classes on time.
  2. Submit all homework, coursework, mocks and assignments to the best of the student’s ability and on time.
  3. Show commitment to their studies inside and outside of the classroom – actively engage during lessons, and work in a manner that does not disrupt the class.
  4. Respect fellow students and members of staff.
  5. To respect our need for security, and to comply with our Safeguarding Policy, by wearing a lanyard and ID at all times on College premises.

If a subject-specific scholarship is awarded to a student, it is generally expected that the student will continue to study that subject for the duration of their programme at Ashbourne. However, the College may allow a student to discontinue a subject for which they are a scholar after completing one year of study.

Once awarded, the College will not withdraw scholarships for academic underperformance as long as the following criteria are met:

  • Half-term reports indicate a positive attitude to learn.
  • The student is constantly looking for ways to improve their academic performance.
  • Work is consistently handed in on time and to the best of the students’ ability.

At the College’s discretion, students may be required to complete a renewal scholarship form at the end of each year.

6. Scholarships for Existing Students

Students may be eligible to increase their scholarship from one year to the next (with the exception of bands 4 and 5), by moving up one band. Current students without a scholarship will be given the opportunity to apply for a Band 1 scholarship. Students wishing to apply will need to do so in writing by 31st August prior to beginning their next year of study.

To be considered for a scholarship, students moving from Year 12 to Year 13 must have received 90%+ in each of their Year 12 examinations. Students moving from Year 11 (GCSE) to Year 12 must have secured at least five 9 grades or equivalent for their GCSE results.

7. Fees

Scholarships are only applicable to tuition fees and practical fees. All other costs (including Easter Revision Courses) remain the same.

Practical fees for applicable A-Level subjects (e.g. science or art based) are reduced in the following way:

  • Band 5 – £100 per subject per term.
  • Band 4 – £125 per subject per term.
  • Band 3 – £175 per subject per term.
  • Band 2 – no reduction.
  • Band 1 – no reduction.

Scholarship students from overseas must pay their fees one year in advance to secure their place and scholarship. The number of scholarships available are subject to periodical review.

Scholarship Form

Authorised by The Principal
Date September 2023
Effective date of the policy September 2023
Circulation Teaching staff / all staff / parents / students on request
Review date September 2026
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