Ashbourne staff induction and registration documents

Welcome to Ashbourne

We are very glad to have you as a part of our dynamic and hardworking team. If you ever have any concerns or queries during your time at Ashbourne please do not hesitate to contact Hien Nguyen, Head of Administration, or any other senior members of staff and we will be more than happy to assist.

Staff registration

Please book your staff-registration appointment asap by contacting Hien Nguyen on Please ensure that you bring along all the relevant documentation as requested below. The appointment will take approximately two hours and involves the follow:

  • Health and safety tour
  • A meeting with our Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL). Please note that you will be required to sign a safeguarding form after the meeting verifying that you have met with the DSL and understand the responsibilities required of you in this area.
  • A meeting with our Head of Administration to go through your employment contract and timetable.
  • A meeting with our Deputy Head of Administration to go through all the details about your logins, email access, registers and other practical information.
  • A meeting with our Finance Officer.
  • A meeting with our Compliance Officer to go through the information you have provided for us as listed below.
  • A meeting with your Head of Faculty.

Required documentation

Before issuing you with an official employment contract Ashbourne needs to carry out pre-employment checks. Please ensure you provide us with the documents listed below and read any relevant material provided, ideally before attending your staff registration appointment.

1. Identification documents

1.1.  Passport
Please bring in original passport to the registration appointment (even if you have already sent us scans).

1.2.  Proof of address
Please provide two proofs of address in the form of:

  • Bank statement (dated within the last three months)
  • Credit card statement (dated within the last three months)
  • Benefit statement such as Child Benefit
  • Pension letter (dated within the last three months)
  • P45/P60 (dated within the last 12 months)
  • Utility bill (dated within the last 3 months) (mobile phone bills are not accepted)
  • Driving license.

1.3.  Address history
Please state all previous addresses and period (month/year) you have lived at in last five years if different from your current address. Download form (Word)

1.4.  Qualifications
Please provide original copies of degree level qualifications and any other relevant qualifications such as QTS, PGCE, etc.

1.5.  Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) record
Please provide a copy of any of your previous DBS records.

1.6.  Finance form
Please complete and sign. Download form (PDF)

1.7.  Overseas work declaration
If you have spent more than six consecutive months overseas since the age of 16 please ensure you provide a certificate from the police confirming that you have no criminal record during your stay. We require one certificate for each country that you have lived in for more than six consecutive months. The certificates must be in English or, if not, translated and certified as a true copy by the British Embassy.

2. Application form and supporting documents

2.1.  Application form
Please complete all sections and ensure you include email addresses for each referee. Download form (Word)

2.2.  Equal opportunities
Please complete all sections. Download form (Word)

2.3.  Medical fitness
New staff will complete a medical fitness questionnaire during their induction. The questionnaire is hosted by Medigold Health on behalf of Ashbourne College and all personal details will be kept confidential and secure. Please also complete this Declaration of Medical Fitness form.

2.4.  Next of kin
Please provide details of you next of kin. Download form (PDF)

2.5.  Staff privacy notice and declaration form
Please read the privacy notice and sign the declaration form if all is clear to you. Download form (PDF)

2.5.  Acceptable Use Policy and declaration form
Please read the policy and sign the declaration form: Acceptable Use Policy and declaration.

2.7.  Contract and employment offer
Please take time to read the terms and conditions stated in the Standard Contract and offer of employment. Note that an employment contract will only be issued once all pre-employment checks are completed and satisfied.

2.8.  Photography and video permission
Ashbourne uses photographs and videos on its website and for promotional purposes. Please read this document and sign the declaration, if you agree.

3. Other requirements

3.1.  Prevent Duty training
All staff are required to complete the online Prevent Awareness Training course in compliance with the Ofsted legal framework. Ashbourne teachers will need to provide evidence that they have completed this training by printing automatically generated certificates.

The Prevent Duty is part of the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015. It gives guidelines for education providers so they understand how to identify and help prevent children and young adults being drawn into terrorism. Protecting children and young adults from the risk of radicalisation is considered part of a wider safeguarding duty, and is similar in nature to protecting children from other harms (e.g. drugs, gangs, neglect, sexual exploitation), whether these come from within their family or are the product of outside influences. For further information about schools’ responsibilities in relation to Prevent visit the government Prevent Duty Guidance website. For wider information about Prevent and how the process works visit Educate Against Hate.

3.2.  Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy
Please read Ashbourne’s Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy in full on our website. You will receive subsequent training in this area. Please also read the Department for Education Keeping Children Safe in Education document 2020 (pdf). All staff must re-read the policy and document annually.

3.3.  Staff Handbook
Please take time to read the Staff Handbook Part 1 and Part 2.

3.4.  Staff code of conduct policy
Please read Ashbourne’s Staff code of conduct policy in full on our website.

3.5.  Ashbourne’s mission and value statements
Please take time to read our mission and value statements. (PDF)

3.6.  Teaching standards for performance appraisal
Please also consult the Department for Education’s Teachers’ Standards which will form the basis for appraising teaching performance at the college.

3.7. Maternity Policy
Please consult our Maternity Policy for guidance on statutory entitlements and the College’s position in respect of maternity leave and pay.

Additional forms
Offer of employment template
Employment contract template- Operations staff (Yearly)
Employment contract template- Operations staff (Hourly)
Employment contract template- Teaching staff (Yearly)
Employment contract template- Teaching staff (Hourly)
Teacher claims policy