Drama Studies A level Practicals
at Ashbourne College London

For many students, the most rewarding section of the course is the Live Practical Performance. In groups, students prepared a piece of drama to be staged in a professional theatre before a moderator and audience. AS (first year) Students prepare an excerpt from an existing play whilst A2 (second year) students write, direct, design and perform their own piece of original drama. This year, A2 students presented plays that exhibited a broad variety of skills and theatrical knowledge. In ‘The End of Innocence’ students used detailed research to create a verbatim piece of drama based on the life of Myra Hindley that explored the nature and the roots of violence. ‘Dark Actors Playing Games’ presented us with an example of Epic theatre that took on no less than Keynes’ attempt to refinance Britain at the end of the Second World War, the fall of the Twin Towers and the death of Dr David Kelly. The Hutton Enquiry staged as a musical was a particular highlight of this piece.