A Level Chemistry revision course in London (Easter)
at Ashbourne A level College


A level Chemistry RevisionModules

Why do an Easter Revision course in Chemistry at Ashbourne?

The Chemistry Easter Revision course at Ashbourne will be taught by Chris Todd. Chris graduated from the University of East Anglia in Chemical Sciences. He worked as a research chemist in the field of semi-conductors, then in investment banking before completing his PGCE at Roehampton. He has been at Ashbourne for over eight years. Students will benefit from his vast experience in the subject as well as the individual attention that is a key feature of the Ashbourne Easter Revision programme.

There will be revision of the following areas:


Core Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistry


  • Topic 1: Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table
  • Topic 2: Bonding and Structure
  • Topic 3: Redox I
  • Topic 4: Inorganic Chemistry and the Periodic Table
  • Topic 5: Formulae, Equations and Amounts of Substance
  • Topic 6: Organic Chemistry I
  • Topic 7: Modern Analytical Techniques I
  • Topic 8: Energetics I
  • Topic 9: Kinetics I
  • Topic 10: Equilibrium I
  • Topic 11: Equilibrium II
  • Topic 12: Acid-base Equilibria
  • Topic 13: Energetics II
  • Topic 14: Redox II
  • Topic 15: Transition Metals
  • Topic 16: Kinetics II
  • Topic 17: Organic Chemistry II
  • Topic 18: Organic Chemistry III
  • Topic 19: Modern Analytical Techniques II

    General and Practical Principles in Chemistry

    Students will revise all aspects of the practicals they have conducted, and apply what they have learned to other practical scenarios. This includes analysing outcomes, drawing valid conclusions and considering methods and data.

    There will also be practice of exam papers, including multiple-choice, short open, open-response, calculations and extended writing questions. Some questions will assess conceptual and theoretical understanding of experimental methods.

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