A Level German revision course in London (Easter)


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Why do an Easter Revision course in Accounting at Ashbourne?

The German Easter Revision course will be taught by Louise Forster. Louise Forster is half-German and read German and Italian at Reading University. She also speaks French. She has lived in Berlin and studied at Munich and Bologna. She joined Ashbourne over ten years ago. Students will benefit from her vast experience as well as from the small group size and individual attention, a key feature of the Easter Revision programme at Ashbourne.

There will be revision of the following units:

Unit 1 – AS unit 1 is called ‘Spoken Expression and Response in German’.
Students have to show their ability to converse on a topic that they have chosen from one of four general topic areas, each of which includes subtopics. They are:

  • Education and employment (education policy & student issues/higher education/ world of work)
  • Lifestyle, health and fitness (sport & exercise/food & diet/ health issues)
  • The world around us (tourism & travel/transport/weather/pollution/recycling)
  • Youth culture and concerns (music & fashion/ technology /relationships / drink / drugs/sex)
    Unit 2 – Understanding and Written Response in German
    This unit requires students to understand German and convey their understanding of it. In addition, they have to produce an essay to demonstrate an ability to manipulate German in continuous writing.
    The unit draws upon the four general topic areas previously mentioned.

    There will be revision of the following units:

    Unit 3 – Understanding and Spoken Response in German
    Students will undertake research into an issue, the topic being a free choice, which does not need to relate to German culture, society or general topic areas. They will have to develop language skills that enable them to communicate effectively, accurately and confidently in spoken German.

    Unit 4 – Research, Understanding and Written Response in German
    This unit requires students to demonstrate advanced skills in German. It includes writing, translation from English into German, and knowledge of a topic area that links to the culture and society of a German-speaking country.

    The topic areas are the same as in AS plus three more which are:

  • Customs, traditions, beliefs and religions
  • National and international events – past, present and future
  • Literature and the arts
  • Students will practice past exam papers in timed conditions.
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