A Level History revision course in London (Easter)


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Why do an Easter Revision course in History at Ashbourne?

The History Easter Revision course will be taught by Joanna Budden. Joanna has a BA in History from Leeds University. Students will benefit from her thorough and exam-based approach to the subject as well as from the small group size and individual attention, a key feature of the Easter Revision programme at Ashbourne.

There will be revision of the following areas

Component 1 – Breadth Study

Component 1 “Stuart Britain and the Crisis of Monarchy” asks us to consider ‘How effectively did the early Stuarts establish and consolidate their monarchy in the period 1603-1702? The unit provides an overview of the changing relationship between Crown, Parliament and people in Britain during the 17th century, covering the reigns of James I and Charles II as well as the Interregnum.

Component 2 – Depth Study

This Depth Study component is called ‘Italy and Fascism, 1900-1945’. The unit provides an opportunity to investigate the impact of Mussolini’s Fascist regime on the Italian State and people.

This topic provides a good contrast with Unit 1 and takes place in a 20th-century context. Students will examine Mussolini’s ideology and think about the ways in which he tried to put his ideas into practice. The analysis of Mussolini’s actions will cover developments both in peacetime and war, while the impact of the Fascist regime will involve a consideration of Mussolini’s successes and failures as well as an understanding of why the regime collapsed.

Component 3 – Historical Investigation

Component 3 is a coursework unit. The coursework question is a based on a study of France between 1789 and 1905. We start by looking at the French Revolution itself. Like the English Civil War this event had a transformative effect on France and the rest of Europe. We study the ideas and events of the Revolution and examine the tensions and divisions that led to the rise of Napoleon. Napoleon was sent into exile in 1815 and the Bourbon Monarchy was restored but this was not to last as Charles X was deposed in 1830. In a sense the history of 19th- century France is an attempt to make sense of the legacy and principles of the Revolution.

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