A Level Maths Easter Revision

Ashbourne’s A level Maths Easter Revision courses are offered as individual modules that run in morning or afternoon sessions over five days and are taught by a selection of Ashbourne tutors including longstanding members of staff.

Chella Nathan has a BSc in Maths and Physics and B.Eng and has been teaching for more than twenty years. Barry Rhule has a PhD in Physics and is a member of the London Mathematical Society. He has been teaching at the college for many years. Imran Shah also has more than 20 years of experience as well as a first class degree in Physics from Imperial College. He supervises Physics Faculty at Ashbourne and also oversees Lower Sixth Mathematics at Ashbourne. Sean Pillai is Deputy Head of Year 13 and a Personal Tutor at the college. He has a Masters degree with honours from the University of Warwick in Civil Engineering with Business Management and also oversees the Engineering Programme at Ashbourne. Rupinder Dhillon, a longstanding member of the department, is a graduate of Chemistry from Brunel and one of the most outstanding communicators of Mathematics it has been our pleasure to employ. Abdul Sami supports our outstanding Mathematic Olympians with supplementary classes in Mathematics and has a PhD in Mathematics from Imperial College. He taught at the Michigan State University for three years before joining the college. Pete Franklin has a BSc in Actuarial Science and PGCE in Maths. He work for many years in TV before retraining as a teacher. He joined Ashbourne in 2010. He also teaches Further Maths. Richard Clark has a masters in Maths from Bath University and PGCE from Oxford University. He has experience teaching all levels of Maths. He was a software developer prior to becoming a teacher.

Together this outstanding team helped our students achieve 60% A*A grades at A level in June 2018.


WK 1 – Mon 30th March – Fri 3rd April
WK 2 – Mon 6th April – Fri 10th April
WK 3 – Mon 13th April – Fri 17th April
AM Session: Mon–Fri, 10am – 1pm
PM Session: Mon–Fri, 2pm – 5pm
wk 1 amwk 1 pmwk 2 amwk 2 pmwk 3 amwk 3 pm

wk 1 amwk 1 pmwk 2 amwk 2 pmwk 3 amwk 3 pm

wk 1 amwk 1 pmwk 2 amwk 2 pmwk 3 amwk 3 pm

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What is covered in the Easter Revision course?

Ashbourne follows the Edexcel syllabus for and AS and A level Maths. We offer the modules outlined below.

Pure Maths AS

Straight lines, quadratics, equations and inequalities
Graphs and transformations
Binomial expansion
Differentiation and integrations
Exponentials and logarithms

Pure Maths A2

Partial fractions
Functions, inverse functions and graphs
Arithmetic and geometric series
Binomial expansion
Parametric equations
Differentiation chain, product, parametric, implicit rates of change
Approximating roots of equation, Newton-Rhapson
Integration reverse chain, substitution by parts, partial fractions trapezium rule differential equations

Statistics AS

Measures of location and spread
Mean, median, mode, quartiles, variance, standard deviation
Representation of data
Cumulative frequency graphs, histograms
Probability, tree diagrams, Venn diagrams
Probability distributions, binomial distribution
Hypothesis testing

Statistics A2

Regression, correlation and hypothesis testing
Conditional probability, independent events
Normal distribution and hypothesis testing

Mechanics AS

Constant acceleration
Forces and motion
Variable acceleration

Mechanics A2

Moments and centres of mass
Forces, friction and the inclined plane
Statics, dynamics and connected particles
Vectors and variable acceleration

Why Choose Ashbourne College A level Easter revision courses?
I loved the casualness between teacher and student and also I loved the fact that I was essentially, the one responsible for myself and parents were not frequently contacted for any reason i.e to sign up for clubs etc. The responsibility- to turn up on time, to hand in homework on time, to revise effectively- all being left to me, really spurred on me to be productive and hard working. I hope to eventually be working in the city as a trader for a large bank, after doing this in the short term I hope to take money I have saved and open a fashion retail store that stocks up and coming brands in London somewhere. I genuinely feel like Ashbourne has given me the confidence i once lacked to be able to do this
MilunPhilosophy, Politics and Economics at University of Leeds
  • One of the longest running Easter Revision course providers in London
  • We will never cancel a course except in emergencies
  • Guarantee: we will offer a full refund for any course if, within reason, it does not meet expectations