Economics A Level revision course in London (Easter)
at Ashbourne A level College

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Why do an Easter Revision course in Economics at Ashbourne?

The Economics Easter Revision course will be taught by Brendan Casey. Brendan is Head of the highly successful Economics and Business Studies Department. He is a long-standing member of staff, having been at Ashbourne for over ten years. A graduate of the London School of Economics, he trained as an accountant and worked in the city. Students will benefit from his first hand experience in the field as well as from the small group size and individual attention, a key feature of the Easter Revision programme at Ashbourne.

There will be revision of the following areas:

Unit 1

AS unit 1 is called ‘Competitive Markets – How They Work and Why They Fail’.
This unit introduces students to the study of economics.  They consider what factors determine the demand, supply and price of goods, services and labour in a Market and start to come to explanations of why some markets fail.  Students look at the ways that governments attempt to correct market failure and reasons why that often does not work.

Unit 2

AS unit 2 is called ‘Managing the Economy’.
Students look at how the performance of the economy can be measured and what kind of factors cause or constrain economic growth.  They study the different macroeconomic objectives of governments and the instruments that can be used to put those objectives into practice and consider the ways in which macroeconomic policies and objectives might conflict.

There will be revision of the following areas:

Unit 3

A2 unit 3 is called ‘Business Economics and Economic Efficiency’
Students study the role of firms within the market place.  They look at such factors as revenue, cost, efficiency and profit.  They investigate what determines the behaviour of firms, in particular the threat of competition and they examine the ways governments intervene in markets to maintain competition.

Unit 4

A2 unit 4 is entitled ‘The Global Economy’
Students consider the causes and effects of globalization.  They will look at patterns of trade and the role of international institutions such as the World Trade organization.  They will explore how international trade is recorded and financed.  They will be encouraged to draw conclusions about the costs and benefits of globalization.

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