Media Studies A Level revision course in London (Easter)


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Why do an Easter Revision course in Media Studies at Ashbourne?

The Media Studies Easter Revision course will be taught by Dennis Fulcher. Dennis is the College’s polymath and Head of Humanities. Originally a graduate in Sociology, Dennis has also completed a Masters in Government and Political Studies, a PGCE and a Diploma in Print Journalism. He is also a lifelong film enthusiast. Students will benefit from Dennis’ wide-ranging experience in this subject as well as the individual attention given to every student, which is a hallmark of the Easter Revision programme at Ashbourne.

There will be revision of the following areas:

Unit 1 – Investigating Media
The aim of this unit is to enable candidates to investigate different forms of media and reach an understanding of media language. They look at a range of media platforms; broadcasting, e-media, print, documentary and hybrid forms, lifestyle, music, news and sport. They investigate how each one is constructed and presented across the media and how audiences consume and respond to them.

Unit 2 – Creating Media
In this unit candidates will produce two linked media artefacts. They will choose from the following briefs: Film Production: Public Service Advertising or Current Affairs. Work can be submitted in a range of contemporary formats which could include DVD, video, print, website, MP3/podcast or CD-ROM.

Unit 3 – Critical Perspectives
This is a synoptic unit. It involves a case study into the way particular groups or places are represented across different media. Such an investigation allows students to consider a variety of current media issues and debates, such as media ownership, control and values.

Unit 4 – Media, Research and Production
There are two sections to this unit: a critical investigation and a linked production piece. Candidates will research a particular theme in the contemporary media landscape and then produce a production piece linked to this exploration. Pieces could be produced in a variety of forms for example; DVD, video, print, website, MP3/podcast or CD-ROM.

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