GCSE Graphic Design

Ashbourne has a very strong Graphics Department where students explore all forms of Graphic Design. They produce traditional hand drawn work but the department also makes sure that it keeps up to date with what is happening in the commercial world. Students are introduced to the most cutting edge technology and advanced media and have produced some sophisticated and innovative work. Tutors from across the Art department work together to encourage their students to mix media, explore ideas and push boundaries.

The Art Faculty at Ashbourne sees Art and Design as being absolutely central to society. Art is everywhere, in the clothes we wear, the crockery we eat from, the buildings we live in as well as the images we see around us. The Art Faculty is committed to preparing its students for commercial and vocational careers in a wide variety of media.

Why study Graphics?

Graphics encourages students to think about how Art is used in the commercial sector. It can help prepare students for specific vocational careers in Design or Advertising, for example. Students evaluate the different kinds of media used for different purposes then go on to select the most appropriate. They will learn to produce work of a very high standard, using a variety of techniques and technologies.

Which syllabus do we follow?

We follow the Edexcel specification for Graphic Design.

How many components are there?

There are two components in total.

How is each component examined?

Component 1Component 2

Personal Portfolio

The year begins by building the coursework portfolio unit made up from practical studio work and a personal project supported by sketchbook development. The portfolio will be produced under controlled conditions and consist of approximately 45 hours supervised activity.

72 marks, 60% of GCSE

Externally Set Assignment

The externally set unit normally is released at the beginning of January and students will have to fulfill the requirements in 10 hours of sustained and supervised work under examination conditions, which have to take place in a maximum of four sessions over 3 weeks.

72 marks, 40% of GCSE

When do the exams take place?

The exams take place in June.

Which Ashbourne teachers teach this course?

Jak Kirby
BA, Silapakorn University, Thailand

Jak Kirby has a BA in Applied Arts from the University of Silapakorn in her native Thailand. She worked in the advertising industry and as a television director before coming to Ashbourne. Jak began by teaching photography but has developed a flourishing Graphics Department in her ten years at the college. She is particularly interested in practical film-making.