What is an Independent College?

Ashbourne is an Independent Sixth Form College in London and a privately run education facility; the college does not receive any funding from the state so all monies come from tuition and donations.

Unlike a state-run college, an Independent college will have an admissions process of some sort (at Ashbourne this takes the form of an interview and an examination). Students are admitted to independent colleges in the UK from around the world allowing a multi-cultural and diverse schooling environment to grow.

Independent colleges are generally smaller than their state counterparts, with a lower intake of students (Ashbourne has around 200 students). This provides an environment for a close community to form, with good integration among students.

In many independent colleges, Ashbourne being a prime example, the student has a personal tutoring session once a week; the tutor acts as a mentor and helps to resolve any issues the student may have, whether academic or pastoral.

Facilities at Independent Colleges are extensive and up-to-date. Fewer students and more resources means that each student has greater access to these facilities. Ashbourne is equipped with the newest technology in all of its various departments.

The overall atmosphere in an Independent College more relaxed, and the student is treated with more maturity but is nevertheless expected to fulfill their academic potential. Ashbourne seeks to give each student a huge amount of personal attention, in helping to achieve their grades and to prepare them for University and life beyond.