Ashbourne College London – European Trips

Every year Ashbourne visits a major European city during the Spring half term in order to enhance appreciation of Europe’s heritage of art, architecture, music and drama. Ashbourne has taken a group of up to 30 students to a major European city every February half term since 1990. Previous trips have included Barcelona, Amsterdam, Athens. Madrid and Rome. This year the College visited Florence, also taking the time for a brief visit to Pisa.

The trip is an extremely popular cultural experience and, like the Revue, it is a highlight of many students’ time at Ashbourne. It is an occasion for students to mix fun with learning, broadening their horizons and giving them a breathing space in February before the race to exams. It allows students to get to know each other better and to bond over shared experiences .

There is something for everyone, and the trip is a much a culinary discovery as an appreciation of art, with a lot of outdoor time and trekking about the city (if the weather allows it!). It’s also a time for students to see teachers outside of the classroom, and, as many of our teachers are well-travelled, they always have a lot

European Trip Highlights


Madrid 2013

Barcelona 2012

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