College Term Dates
Ashbourne Private College London

Important dates for 2019/2020

Term datesMocks and courseworkReports and parents' eveningsOpen evenings and scholarship daysEvents and trips
Registration 2019
New A level Year 12 students
Wednesday 28th to Friday 30th August
New A level Year 13 students
Monday 2nd to Tuesday 3rd September
New A level students welcome event
Wednesday 4th September
Returning A level Year 13 students
Wednesday 4th to Thursday 5th September
New and returning GCSE students
Tuesday 3rd September, 2pm and 4pm respectively
Autumn Term 2019
First day of term
Monday 9th September
Monday 28th October to Friday 1st November
End of term
Friday 20th December, 1pm
Inset days: no lessons.

Year 12 must attend the Inset Day Programme

(Friday 6th September – for staff only); Wednesday 23 October; Monday 16th December
Spring Term 2020
First day of term for returning students
Monday 6th January
Monday 10th to Friday 14th February
End of term
Friday 27th March
Inset days: no lessons.

Year 12 must attend the Inset Day Programme

Tuesday 4th February
January Intakes 2020
New students registration Thursday 9th January
New students first day of term
Monday, 13th January
Easter Revision 2020
Week 1
Monday 30th March
Week 2
Monday 6th April
Week 3
Monday 13th April
Summer Term 2020
First day of term
Monday 20th April
There is no half-term or study leave, except for Bank Holidays.
End of term
Friday 29th May
Public exams – GCSE and A level
Monday 11th May to Friday 26 June
Mock exams 2019/2020
Autumn term Monday 14th to Friday 18th October

Monday 9th to Friday 13th December

Spring term Monday 27th to Friday 31st January

Monday 16th to Wednesday 18th March, at examination hall (no classes)

Coursework deadlines 2019/2020
Internally assessed coursework submission Friday 7th February
A level coursework submission Friday 15th May
Report deadlines 2019/2020
Autumn term
Wednesday 23rd October
Wednesday 18th December
Spring term
Thursday 6th February
Thursday 26 March
Parents’ evenings 2019/2020
Autumn term
Year 12: Tuesday 5th November
Year 13: Thursday 14th November
Middle School: Thursday 14th November
(Lessons end at 5pm on these days)
Spring term
Year 12: Thursday 20th February
Year 13: Tuesday 25th February
Middle School: Tuesday 25th February
(Lessons end at 5pm on these days)
Opening evenings 2019/2020
Autumn 2019 Open Evening (7 – 9 pm) Tuesday 22nd October 2019
Spring 2020 Open Evening (7 – 9 pm)
Wednesday 4th March 2020
Summer term
Wednesday 27th May 2020
Music and Drama scholarship day 2019/2020
Autumn term Wednesday 13th November
Ashbourne Revue 2019/2020
Auditions – part 1 TBC
Auditions – part 2 TBC
Auditions – part 3 TBC
Rehearsals 1 Tuesday 17th December
Rehearsals 2 Wednesday 18th December
Event Thursday 19th December
Music and arts events 2019/2020
Concert at St Mary Abbots Friday 25th October
The Elements, concert at the Warhouse Wednesday 5th February
Concert at St Mary Abbots Thursday 5th March
Creative Arts Event Monday 23 March
Art and Design Exhibition Friday 12th June, 6-8.30pm
Honours and leavers 2019/2020
Honour roll nomination deadline Friday 20th March
Honour roll winners announcement Friday 27th March
Leavers’ Awards Dinner Friday 22nd May
College trips 2019/2020
Art trip Thursday 24th to Sunday 27th October
European trip Saturday 8th to Thursday 13th February
Geography trip Monday 23rd to Friday 27th March
Staff events 2019/2020
Christmas dinner – operations team Wednesday 4th December
Staff Christmas lunch Friday 20th December
Annual quiz night Friday 27th March