UK Student Admissions
Ashbourne Private College London

How to apply to Ashbourne College from Ashbourne College on Vimeo.

The admission process is very straightforward but if you wish to discuss details over the telephone or online, you may do so on 020 7937 3858 or using our enquiry form. Our admissions team are very friendly, efficient and helpful so please do not hesitate to contact us.

If students would like to apply for a place at Ashbourne they will need to do the following (any documents required should be scanned and sent via email if possible):

  • Complete enquiry form
  • Provide copies of last two sets of academic reports (if the applicant only has the last set, then they should just send these)
  • Provide copies of GCSE grades or predicted grades (if the applicant does not have an official document, then they should just type the predicted grades)
  • Contact our admissions officer for a consultation (must be the applicant)

Once the applicant has done this and we have received at least some documents in reference to the above points, we may then organise an academic interview at the college. Note that the applicant could also be asked to take an admissions test, which may be subject specific. If the applicant wants to study Drama and Theatre studies they will be asked to attend an audition. Similarly, applicants hoping to study Art related subjects (Fine Art, Graphic Design or Photography) may be asked to provide samples of their previous work.

Please read our Admissions Policy.