Russell Group University Admissions 2016

Cambridge University
2016 Anna Kazakhstan English
2016 Hong Minh Vietnamese Engineering
2016 Soala Nigerian Architecture
2016 Xiaoyu Chinese Mathematics
2016 Abdulrazaq Nigerian Engineering (deferred early 2017)
Imperial College (University of London)
2016 Valentina Italian Biomedical Science
2016 Zheng Chinese Civil Engineering
2016 Antonio Brazilian Civil Engineering
King’s College (University of London)
2016 Thomas British Philosophy
2016 Makena American Classical Studies with English
2016 Mohamed Tahier South African Physics with Theoretical Physics
2016 Lucas French Business Management
2016 Thomas French French and Management (with year abroad)
2016 Guy British Computer Science
LSE – London School of Economics and Political Science
2016 Will British History
2016 Mahynour Egyptian Economics
2016 Dinh Hieu Vietnamese Economics and Economic History
2016 Avni British Management
Queen Mary (University of London)
2016 Alina British Law
2016 Tin Ki Chinese Business Management
2016 Zubair South African Aerospace Engineering with Industrial Experience
2016 Leonel German Film Studies
2016 Ada Italian Russian Business Management
2016 Joshua British Law and Politics
University College London (University of London)
2016 Ramasu Motwana Engineering (Electronic and Electrical)
2016 Nikita British Politics and East European Studies
2016 Shahjahan Pakistani Economics
2016 Fatima British Applied Medical Sciences
University of Bristol
2016 Devid Russian Economics and Finance
University of Edinburgh
2016 Uliana Russian Architecture
University of Exeter
2016 Abbas Pakistani Politics
2016 Ahmedyar British Medical Sciences
University of Glasgow
2016 Monet British Theatre Studies / English Literature
2016 Amanda Motswana Psychology
2016 Noor Saudi Neuroscience
University of Manchester
2016 Grace British Politics and Modern History
2016 Michael Nigerian Biomedical Sciences
University of Newcastle
2016 Henry Chinese Electrical and Electronic Engineering (with Industrial Project
University of Sheffield
2016 Sophia American Psychology
University of Warwick
2016 Soroush Iranian Civil Engineering
2016 Alfie British Linguistics with Portuguese
2016 Alvaro Spanish Engineering
2016 Olamide British Sociology and Global Sustainability Developments
University of York
2016 Isabelle British History of Art
2016 Sam British Psychology