Top 10 Universities for Ashbourne College graduates

The list below shows the most popular destinations of our A level graduates over the past 5 years.

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University Destinations

Most of Ashbourne’s students have the intention of gaining a place on a university degree course after their A level studies. We have many years of experience in helping students win places on competitive courses such as Medicine, Dentistry, Law, English and Economics. Over the past few years our students’ from Ashbourne have been accepted at all of the top UK universities.

university destinations

The process of discussion about university applications begins at the admissions interview with the student and is continued through the weekly personal tutoring system, led by our Director of Studies. The personal tutors help focus the students toward selecting the right course and institution, preparing a successful personal statement and practising interview technique. Additional individual help is always available where required. Students are also encouraged to attend appropriate external conferences and open days, which offer a further insight into the admissions process. Each year Ashbourne organises visits to universities for AS students to help give them further information about undergraduate study.