Want real insight into Medical School? Ask a medical student!

July 1, 2015

What many aspiring medical students lack, is advice from those who have gone before them. It’s all very well being advised on what grades you need and what the course content is, but hearing it from the horse’s mouth is what gives real insight. Samantha Chioma is a fourth-year graduate medical student at St George’s University. Although she has always wanted to be a doctor, Samantha describes her journey to medical school as a ‘complicated’ one. In the article linked below, Samantha talks about the ups and downs she has faced, and encourages all budding medical students not to get Continue Reading →

What are the benefits of studying medicine abroad?

March 27, 2015

It is no secret that UK medical schools can be hard to get into. For this reason, A level college students who are wishing to study medicine should consider looking further afield in order to gain their qualification. But are there any specific benefits to studying medicine abroad? The following article looks at what sixth form college students could gain from looking overseas to study medicine, and tackles some of the myths associated with international qualification recognition: A level college students in London – Medical Schools abroad

Are you really ready to study medicine?

September 29, 2014

Deciding to study at an A level college in London may have been a big decision for some of you, but going on to study medicine at university is an even bigger one. Are you ready for life-or-death decisions to be in your hands? Have you considered how you will cope with handling cadavers? Have you thought about how you’ll manage if your patient disagrees with you? All of these things are worth taking into account. The following article gives you an idea of what you can expect when you begin on your journey to becoming a doctor: Studying medicine Continue Reading →

Ex Ashbourne Student Talks About His Experience at St George’s Medical School

April 17, 2014

We love hearing about how ex students are settling into university life, so when Long Nguyen got in touch to tell us about how he was finding life at St George’s Medical School, we just had to share! “St George’s is amazing when it comes to teaching, especially for anatomy. We have some amazing anatomy lecturers here who always speak with inspiration about their speciality, especially neuroanatomy, reproductive and musculoskeletal systems. We have lecture notes for about 60% of the lectures; about 95% printed lecture slides and also recordings so that students can listen to them again if they have Continue Reading →