Coronavirus (COVID-19) notice

Ashbourne College takes the health and safety of our students and staff very seriously. We are now preparing to re-open our premises in September, following UK Government guidance and regulations during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Ashbourne COVID-19 response

Ashbourne started delivering all timetabled lessons live-streamed through our Online Distance Learning Programme from 20 March, when all schools in the UK were required by Government to close to reduce the spread of COVID-19. We very much appreciate the hard work put in by our dedicated teachers and staff to facilitate our online teaching programme and the positive attitude of our students and parents during this challenging period.

September re-openning

Keeping everyone safe at the college is a priority. Ashbourne is introducing a raft of precautionary measures to make re-opening possible and is developing protocols for the everyday running of the college.


There will be a deep clean of all three of Ashbourne’s premises before re-opening in September. Once the college is open cleans will take place twice a day. 

Hand sanitiser

Hand sanitiser helps prevent the spread of COVID-19. We will be installing hand sanitiser dispensers at all three premises that will be located:

  • outside every classroom
  • outside every office
  • corridors
  • entrances

Thermal imaging

At the entrance of each premise we will be installing thermal imaging cameras that detect whether anyone has an abnormally high temperature. Follow-up temperature checking devices will be located at reception.


We will establish a rota that allows our students to receive lessons in-class and remotely. Each classroom accommodates five students at a time with students sitting on their own single tables adequately spaced from each other. 


All doors will remain open to avoid unnecessary contact. The doors will close automatically if the fire alarm is triggered, which helps prevent the spread of fire in the unlikely event one should occur.

ID card holders with hooks

Lanyards, or ID cards, are compulsory for everyone at the college, including visitors, as a safeguarding requirement. We are upgrading the lanyards so they have a hook and point which can be used to key in entrance codes to enter the premises without using hands and for use on doors that are closed.

Communal areas

Shared devices such as computers, telephones and water machines will not be in use.

Face masks

Face masks are not currently mandatory at the college, however student may wear them if they wish. Masks are compulsory on London public transport.

Private doctor

Ashbourne has the facility to organise COVID-19 assessments and procure home testing kits, as well as arranging 24-hour home visits by private doctors where required, depending on the doctor’s availability.

Audio-visual facilities

We are planning to expand and improve our suite of audio-visual equipment to enhance online distance learning. This includes better quality cameras and microphones, reducing glare on boards and exploring other learning aids such visualiser cameras for the Art Faculty.

Online distance learning

Ashbourne’s online distance learning programme enables our students to continue their studies at the college if they are unable to come to the UK. Students will still be able to benefit from the expert tuition, high level of individual attention and the outstanding UCAS support and guidance Ashbourne offers. 

How to apply

Please get in touch with our Admissions team by email or phone +44 020 7937 3858 now to discuss how we can help develop your individual learning programme and prepare for the coming academic year at Ashbourne.

Visa information

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Why Choose Ashbourne College?
My time at Ashbourne was a fun and exciting experience. It had a very relaxed atmosphere which helped me settle in very well. The College’s approach to teaching in the classrooms was very different to traditional 6th form Colleges and a lot more informal which I believe was a great aid in developing my skills in independent study. During my time as a student at Ashbourne, I was passionate about physics and maths as well as music. My teachers and other staff members were very supportive of this and were an incredible assistance in helping me find an ideal course at university which catered to my interest. Thanks to Ashbourne I went on to do a joint degree in Physics and Music at Cardiff University. I graduated in 2018 and have remained at Cardiff to do a masters in Astrophysics.
AmyBSc in Physics and Music and MA in Astrophysics at Cardiff University
Our daughter has surely improved her knowledge in the chosen subjects but also her ability in dealing with her everyday life
If I had to describe Ashbourne in three words it would be welcoming, intimate, and fun. I have never met such an eclectic group of people who all get on and are integrated with each other so well. It’s a great opportunity to get the grades that you want alongside gaining confidence and maturity
Emily BoothroydFormer Administrative and Behavioural Assistant and PA to the Director of Studies

Stay Alert

Ashbourne continues to encourage high levels of vigilance, precaution and hygiene, and follows UK Government response and guidance.

Do not leave home if you or anyone in your household has COVID-19 symptoms. Be aware that you can spread the virus even if you do not have symptoms.

Please contact 111 if you need medical advice or assistance; do not go directly to your GP or the hospital.

Further information available

NHS England
Emergency NHS telephone: 111
Foreign & Commonwealth Office (travel advice)
World Health Organisation (WHO)