A Level Accounting Easter Revision

Ashbourne’s Accounting Easter Revision courses run in either morning or afternoon sessions over five day and are taught by Brendan Casey. Brendan graduated from London School of Economics, trained as an accountant and worked in the city before joining Ashbourne. He has run a highly successful Economics department at the college for many years. Students will benefit from his extensive experience as well as from the small group size and individual attention, a key feature of the Easter Revision programme at Ashbourne.

What is covered in the Easter Revision course?

Ashbourne’s Easter Revision A level Accounting course follows the AQA specification. This is the final examination for this specification. Please consult the timetable to see when this course runs.

A level topics covered in this course

Further Aspects of Financial Accounting
Internal finance; shares; debentures; bank loans; overdrafts; mortgages. Students investigate issues such as incomplete records, partnership accounts; published accounts of limited companies; accounting standards and stock valuation.

Further Aspects of Management Accounting
Manufacturing accounts; marginal absorption and activity based costing; standard costing and variance analysis; capital investment appraisal; budgeting and other factors affecting decision making.