Ashbourne Easter Revision timetable

Ashbourne Easter Revision courses run over a three-weeks period during the Easter Holidays. Students receive 15 hours of tuition per week for a single course. Courses are taught in morning (10am–1pm) and afternoon (2–5pm) sessions. Students planning to enrol for our courses should check we offer the correct exam board and specification for them.

Our courses run over a three-week period during the Easter holidays:

WK 1 – Mon 30th March – Fri 3rd April
WK 2 – Mon 6th April – Fri 10th April
WK 3 – Mon 13th April – Fri 17th April
AM Session: Mon–Fri, 10am – 1pm
PM Session: Mon–Fri, 2pm – 5pm

Timetables will be available at the beginning of 2020.

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