Easter Revision Timetable

Ashbourne Easter Revision courses run over a three-week period during the Easter Holidays to help student prepare successfully for summer exams.


Students receive 15 hours of tuition per week, spread over five days, for a single course. Courses are taught either in morning (10am–1pm) or afternoon (2–5pm) sessions. A level Politics and GCSE Science are full-day courses that run in both morning and afternoon sessions. Students planning to enrol for our courses should check we offer the correct exam board and specification for them.

Easter Revision 2024

Week 1 – Monday 25th March – Friday 29th March

Week 2 – Monday 1st April – Friday 5th April

Week 3 – Monday 8th April – Friday 12th April

AM – 10am–1pm or  PM – 2-5pm

A level timetable TBC

Subject Level Board Ext. Stds Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
Art (fine art) AS AQA Yes
Art (fine art) A2 AQA NO
Art (Graphics) AS AQA NO
Art (Graphics) A2 AQA NO
Art (Textiles) AS AQA Yes
Biology AS OCR NO
Biology A2 OCR Yes
Chemistry AS Edexcel Yes
Chemistry A2 Edexcel Yes
Classical Civilisation AS OCR Yes
Classical Civilisation A2 OCR Yes
Drama & Theatre Studies AS AQA Yes
Drama & Theatre Studies A2 AQA Yes
Economics AS Edexcel Yes
Economics A2 Edexcel Yes
English Literature AS Edexcel NO
English Literature A2 Edexcel NO
Film Studies AS WJEC Yes
Film Studies A2 WJEC Yes
French AS Edexcel Yes
French A2 Edexcel Yes
History AS AQA Yes
History A2 AQA Yes
History of Art AS Edexcel Yes
History of Art A2 Edexcel Yes
Maths – Pure AS Edexcel Yes
Maths – Pure A2 Edexcel Yes
Maths – Applied AS Edexcel Yes
Maths – Applied A2 Edexcel Yes
Further Maths – P A2 Edexcel Yes
Further Maths – M A2 Edexcel Yes
Further Maths – C A2 Edexcel Yes
Music AS AQA Yes
Music A2 AQA Yes
Philosophy AS AQA Yes
Philosophy A2 AQA Yes
Physics AS AQA Yes
Physics A2 AQA Yes
Politics AS Edexcel Yes
Politics (30-hours) A2 Edexcel Yes
Psychology AS AQA Yes
Psychology A2 AQA Yes
Psychology A2 AQA NO
Russian A2 Edexcel Yes
Spanish AS AQA Yes
Spanish A2 AQA Yes

GCSE timetable TBC

Subject Board Ext. Stds Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
Economics OCR Yes
English Lang Edexcel NO
English Lit Edexcel NO
Maths Edexcel Yes
Science IGCSE (30-hours) Edexcel Yes

How to enrol

Please get in touch with our Easter Revision team to discuss your subject and exam board requirements, individual tuition and to enrol: +44 (0) 20 7937 3858, email [email protected] or complete the enquiry form below.

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