GCSE Art revision course in London (Easter)



Why do an Easter Revision Course in Art at Ashbourne?

The course leader for the Easter Revision Art Course is Lawrie Quigley. Students will benefit from his vast and diverse experience as well as the individual attention which is a key feature of the Ashbourne Easter Revision programme.

There will be revision in there areas

  • How ideas, feelings and meanings are conveyed and interpreted in images, artefacts and products
  • How knowledge and understanding of the work of others can develop and extend their thinking and inform their own work
  • A range of art, craft and design processes including two and/or three dimensions, and traditional and new media and technologies
  • How images, artefacts and products relate to social, historical, vocational and cultural contexts
  • A variety of approaches, methods and intentions of contemporary and historical artists, craftspeople and designers from different cultures, and their contribution to continuity and change in society.
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