What is a State College?

A state college is an educational establishment that is funded by the Government through its local authority. It is these local authorities who decide how much money is given to the colleges, therefore the amount of funding each state college has can vary considerably.

When applying for a state school there is no admissions process; all applicants are accepted and are dealt with on a first come first served basis. This means that there will be many students of different levels and capabilities within one class.

At Ashbourne the selection process is in place to select students with above average grades and who have aspirations beyond what is being taught in the curriculum. The studying level in the classes are similar, allowing the classes to get through a large variety of exercises and materials at a good pace.

State colleges also tend to vary in size considerably which means the class sizes are bigger, and the teacher to student ratio is high; this in turn has an effect on the amount of time each individual student can have with the teacher.

Ashbourne Sixth Form College has a student centred approach and smaller classes allowing for more one-to-one attention for each individual student. One of the Best Sixth Form Colleges in London Article

One of the reasons state colleges prove so popular is due to the wide intake of students from multicultural backgrounds; they offer the students the chance to mix and have a diverse range of experiences. Ashbourne also has students from many different cultures and backgrounds, with roughly a 50% intake of international students, enabling students to have even closer experiences and relationships due to the smaller class sizes.

Facilities provided by a state college depend on a variety of factors: the amount of funding the college has received from its local authority; the number of departments which the money needs to be distributed around and the amount of students that attend the college. These also affect how often the College can afford to replace and update them.