Middle School Trip To The Body World Exhibition

Middle School students were taken to the O2 arena in Greenwich to see the Body Worlds & The Mirror of Time Exhibition in a joint Science and PSHE trip. The Body Worlds exhibitions are the first of their kind allowing students to learn about anatomy, physiology and health by viewing real human bodies. The bodies have been preserved by a process called Plastination.

BODY WORLDS & The Mirror of Time is the latest BODY WORLDS exhibition and features over 200 real specimens with a special focus on health, wellbeing and the ageing process. This unique exhibition offered the students an amazing insight into the human life-cycle, discovering the mysteries of how the human body develops through time; at its most radiant and as it changes, matures and finally wanes.

The exhibition also showed the complexity and vulnerability of the human body through anatomical studies of the body in distress, disease and optimal health. The students could observe first hand the effects smoking, poor diet and disease have on the human body.