Activities, Clubs & Special Events at
Ashbourne College, London

Ashbourne offers a wide range of events, activities and clubs for students to take part in during the academic year. This gives them the opportunity to get to know each other better and create bonds as well as allowing them to become part of a team, which is integral to Ashbourne values.

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Activities at Ashbourne College

Go Karting

Staff v Student Go Karting is one of Ashbourne’s longest standing activities and, without a doubt, it is one of the most popular. Competitiveness is rife, among the staff as much as the students! Ashbourne’s regular go-karting trips are an unmissable social event for those with a sense of adventure! Race your classmates, set a personal best and develop a Fast and Furious style.

The Go Karting usually takes place at the Docklands Greenwich Circuit, as this centre offers fast petrol karts and a long, twisting track. The venue is extremely well-equipped, as well as meeting all of Ashbourne safety standards.

The participants are gathered together in the middle of the circuit for a safety briefing before the event so they can listen to instructions on how to control the kart and learn the important signs and flags that the safety officers use during the race. All participants are provided with go-karting clothing, helmets and gloves. To ensure safety, bumping is banned.

Ashbourne usually takes around 20 students to Go-Karting plus members of staff.


Ashbourne College Staff vs Student Bowling OCT 2014
Bowling is another of Ashbourne’s popular activity trips, usually with students v staff. It is a great way to welcome new students and make them feel at ease while kicking off the new year for returning Ashers.

The bowling team heads off to Bayswater, walking through the neighbouring Kensington Gardens. Once arrived, the players enjoy pizza, chips and drinks. It is both a relaxed and competitive occasion, where students and staff alike get to show another side of their game (literally). Ashbourne does count some pretty amazing bowlers amongst its staff!

Ice Skating and Winter Wonderland

Ashbourne College London - Winter Wonderland Trip
The Ice Skating trip traditionally takes place in December, at the National History Museum or in Winter Wonderland. All levels of skills are welcome, from total beginner to would-be Olympic champion, with the hope that the steadier students will help those struggling to stay upright (in true Asher spirit!).
After skating for about an hour, students will enjoy hot chocolate and seasonal treats before exploring the other Winter Wonderland attractions and stalls.

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Clubs at Ashbourne College

Ashbourne’s focus is ultimately on securing good grades for students and helping them to realise their academic potential. However, Ashbourne’s extra-curricular activities are also at the heart of the college’s ethos.

Ashbourne runs a variety of clubs and activities that express the multiple and diverse interests of its eclectic student body. New students are hugely encouraged to engage in these clubs and to make the most of Ashbourne’s fantastic facilities. Suggestions for future clubs are very welcome since the college aims to support a range of student interests. If a student is interested in taking part in a club or activity they should email, stating the club or activity they wish to take part in. Alternatively, they should speak to the relevant activity organiser.

Language ClubsPerforming ArtsGames and CraftsMedia and Critical ThinkingSports and WellbeingScience

Latin Club

Those studying Classics A Level should definitely come along and join the Latin club, as well as anyone having an interest in ancient history and the classical period. Strongly recommended to all humanities students!

Contact: George at

Japanese Club

This club is for anyone having an interest in Japanese culture. No previous knowledge of the language is necessary, although those taking Japanese A Level are strongly encouraged to join.

Contact: Sakae at

Italian Club

This club is for students doing Italian A Level, but all other levels are also welcome, from total beginner to native! Students will discuss Italian culture, literature and movies.

Contact: Cristiana at

French Club

This club is for French A Level or GCSE students who want to practise their French conversation, discuss French films and literature, and learn more about the culture. It is also suitable for beginners who just want to start learning a new language.

Contact: Nora Zegrir at

Drama Club

One of Ashbourne’s most popular and long-standing clubs, Drama Club, on Tuesday nights, allows students to let their hair down and get involved in Ashbourne’s exceptional drama department. The drama club puts together and rehearses a piece for the annual Christmas revue.

Contact: Fran Bushe at

Bollywood Dancing

This fun dancing club is a blast for anyone who is interested in trying new moves every week in this exciting, high-energy style, which culminates at the Christmas Revue in a fantastic performance with dazzling costumes. No previous dance experience necessary, just high enthusiasm!

Contact: Ruchi at

Salsa Club

Latin dancing is one of the highlights of the annual Christmas revue, and a hugely popular club. No previous dance experience is needed, and all dancers are welcome. Come along and brush your steps or learn skills that will take you across any dance floor! Learn some smooth moves to an irresistible rhythm and show off to your friends.

Contact: Hien at

Ashbourne Singers

The Ashbourne Singers are our very own choir, with a repertoire ranging from pop and musical theatre to classical . The Ashbourne Singers perform a song of their choice at the annual Christmas revue, usually the most emotionally charged highlight of the show!

Contact: Piers at

Chess Club

Chess club is one of Ashbourne’s most popular and competitive clubs. Run by Michael Peat and Chris Todd, students who feel like challenging a member of staff to a game of chess should certainly chance their hand. A substantial proportion of the student body has been seen at the chess club at one time or another. All abilities are welcome.

Contact: Michael Peat at

Knit ‘n’ Chill

Knit ‘n’ Chill is a club run by Ashbourne’s German teacher, Louise Forster. The club is conducted at lunchtimes in a relaxed, friendly and informal manner.
Knitting circle is a club run by Ashbourne German teacher, Louise Forster.. The circle is popular among students and is conducted at lunchtimes in a relaxed, friendly and informal manner.

Contact: Louise Forster at

Fashion Club

Fashion Club is where you can come to explore your wild creative side with clothes, learn how to up cycle, customise and create eye-catching outfits. Students will be stitching, embellishing and tie-dying: just a few of the fun activities in which you can be involved. The Fashion Club, which is open to all abilities, puts together a collection for Ashbourne’s Annual Revue, the major highlight of the show!

Contact: Arianwen Shoring at

Film Club

Students who want to watch alternative movies should come to the Film club, run by film afficionado Dennis Fulcher. Those who attend will be exposed to wonderful films from various genres, ranging from foreign art-house to sci-fi via comedy. Movies watched have included Pan’s Labryinth, La Haine and It’s a Wonderful Life. Bring popcorn!

Contact: Dennis at

The Ashbourne Newspaper

We know that Ashbourne students all have a lot to say! Get your voice heard by getting involved in our hugely popular school magazine. A broad range of topics from poetry and politics to drama and design are are covered. If you think you have something to offer, either as a contributor or an editor, sign up now for the first meeting.

Contact: James Wykes at

Debating Club

This club is for any student with a passion for critical thought, freedom of speech and logical discussion. At debating club meetings, students have the chance to discuss important issues, analyse ideas and learn the art of rhetoric.

Critical Theory Seminars

Critical Theory encourages students to ‘think outside the box’, in preparation for the different ways they may be challenged when they begin their university education.
The seminars take place on a weekly basis, led by Wesley Rykalski, who teaches Media Studies

Contact: Wesley at

Ashbourne Allstars Football Club

Ashbourne’s highly successful team, the All Stars, have won multiple games against other London sixth form colleges, often landing top of the league, and are therefore a great source of pride for us! The football team is a great opportunity for students to learn to work effectively in a team and showcase leadership, which is a great thing to put on a personal statement! After a long day of work it is also a great way to de-stress!
The team trains every Thursday evening on a pitch near to the school. Students who wish to join the team should contact Stephanie Cooke or Fabio Carpene.

Contact: Fabio at

Badminton Club

Contact: Student Council at

Meditation Club

This is an Open ‘Drop-In’ class for anyone who needs a little De-stressing and Relaxation. All are welcome – experienced meditator or complete newcomer! Each session will consist of 2 – 3 different practices. You can come for one practice – and chill out a little – or stay for all three and float out to your afternoon lessons! Drop-In Meditation Club takes place on Thursday between 1 and 2 pm.

Contact: Fran Burns at

Astro Particle Physics

A Level Physics at Ashbourne College London introduces students to the literally unbelievable world of modern physics. Think you have what it takes to tackle some of the most current and exciting scientific questions? This club may be for you. A must for anyone thinking of taking physics further and a great chance for anyone who wants to know more about this increasingly important field… “It’s like looking at the universe naked!”

Contact: Chella at


Special Events at Ashbourne College

At Ashbourne we organise a wide range of different events throughout the year, from annual traditions to one-off memorable days.

Creative Arts Evening

Every year Ashbourne students put on a Creative Arts event showcasing their artistic and musical talents. This popular social event is open to all including current students, ex-Ashers and those interested in what Ashbourne has to offer.




Watch highlights from last year’s Creative Arts Event, below.

UCAS day

UCAS day is an opportunity for our Year 12 students to familiarise themselves with UCAS and their university application process for the following year. Ashbourne arranges several talks with guest speakers from Russell Group Universities, as well as a talk by Amy Youngman and Sean Pillai, Deputy Heads of Year 13, about how to make successful UCAS applications including how to create an outstanding personal Statement.

End of Year Awards

A variety of awards will be given out at this ceremony to reflect the outstanding achievements of the Ashbourne student body in the course of the year. Whilst academic achievements will feature in the award ceremony, students will also receive awards for a variety of quirky traits!
The ceremony takes place in a hotel near Ashbourne, and includes champagne, a three-course dinner, a DJ for dancing the night away, a chocolate fountain and a photobooth, with fun costumes included!
This is a great opportunity for students to bid farewell, as most of them are about to leave and go off to university and the wider world.

Tour of London

At the beginning of every new academic year we organise a London Induction Tour for new AS students. The tour lasts for an entire day and students are taken sightseeing to London’s greatest landmarks. Students are set challenges and are encouraged to take pictures of specific monuments and famous London landmarks, as well as more elusive and quirky things…