Go Karting

Ashbourne’s annual go-karting trip is an unmissable social event for those with a sense of adventure! Race your classmates,set a personal best and enjoy an evening of fast paced fun.

One of the most “thrilling” activities of the year, usually take place at the Streatham Karting Circuit. Twenty-five students, along with three members of staff, took part in this spectacular “go-karting” racing night. The venue is specifically chosen due to its well-equipped facilities, as well as meeting all of Ashbourne safety standards.

The participants are gathered together in the middle of the circuit for a safety briefing before the event, where they heard instructions on how to control the kart and are make aware of important signs and flags that the safety officers would use during the race. All participants are provided with go-karting clothing, helmets and gloves. To ensure safety, bumping was banned and a special format was designed for the event.